No Results? No Sweat!


Its hard isn’t it? Spending all those hours in the gym or working out at home only to feel as though you’re making no progress with it all. I totally get how you are feeling, I’ve been there, I still am there but over the years I’ve learned to understand why.





You see progress isn’t just made by spending endless amounts of time working out. If only it was that easy.

One of the biggest lessons I think I have learnt over the years is the need to mix things up every once in a while to avoid plateauing (is that even a word?) out. Your body gets too used to doing the same old thing all the time, you become complacent and you stop seeing results, you might even take a few steps backwards.

I try to change up my workout plans every 6-8 weeks (I know that some would recommend changing it up even more frequently than that) to make sure that it keeps me interested, motivated and challenged. That said, if you find that you can go to spin 5 days a week, 50 weeks of the year and consistantly get results, you go boo. But doing the same thing all the time bores the hell outta me which stops me seeing results, so I mix it up.

For years I chased that illusive thigh gap, stick thin legs and visible bones… why did I waste my time?! Yes a thigh gap is possible, for some people, as are long slender legs but not for me. I am not built that way, I am 5ft 2ins, I have no butt to speak of and I wobbly a little. 

What I didn’t realise in my younger years was that I was missing out on a whole world of toned up sexiness by skipping weights. I hated them, they scared me, I didn’t know what to do and I just gave them a wide birth instead of educating myself. You will not get bulky from lifting weights but you will get stronger, you will help improve bone density and you will keep burning for longer than if you just hit the treadmill.

Currently I hit the treadmill for just 10 minutes most days and that is only to warm up, the rest of my time is spent lifting and using my own weight to improve my strength and muscle tone.

Right now I don’t feel as though I am getting the results I’d hope for and that is for a number of reasons; I’ve not been putting the effort in since I got back from Rhodes, I’ve not been eating right and I’ve been stressing out about other areas of my life a little too much. All of these factors will really effect the results you get in the gym and I’m not sweating over my lack of results, because I know that I’ve not been doing enough to get them.

The effort I’ve been putting in in the gym has been awesome; I’ve been impressing myself with my PBs, my strength and technique has been improving and I feel more confident mixing it up in the weights room than ever before. But I’ve been skipping sessions in favour of extra time in the office or simply chilling out at home. 

In order to make me less likely to skip sessions I’ve set myself a few goals to work towards and I’m going to continue to take weekly progress shots as well. Having goals really helps to keep me motivated and focused at this time of year.

I’ve been trying to out exercise a bad diet, something that will never happen and so I’ve stocked up on veggies, protein and planned my meals out for the week ahead. My diet lately has only been bacd because of poor planning so I’m getting back on the prepped train.

Finally I’ve been a little bit of a stress head of late, I’ve no doubt in my mind this is why I suddenly have a breakout of teenage spots at 33 and why I ended up spending Saturday in bed with a migraine for the first time in years.

The downside to being passionate about what you do is that you tend to throw everything you have at it and don’t really mind if it gets in the way of eating right or working out. Having some much needed downtime at the weekend helped me to see that that isn’t necessarily the best course of action and that taking time out to eat well and unwind will actually help me to be productive in the long run.

Now where’s my green juice?

Do you sweat over not seeing the results you want or are you able to take a step back and see where you’re going wrong? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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