Owning It

Sunday’s are my favourite. Why? Because on a Sunday I get up, I make myself coffee and toast to enjoy whilst watching a little bit of TV and I settle onto the sofa, in the comfiest clothing I can find… usually my Calvin’s & PJs.

On Sunday’s I am the most me I can be; I rarely wear makeup (unless I’m going out to see friends or family), I don’t wear anything I cannot lounge in and I certainly don’t worry about if anything makes me look ‘lumpy or bumpy’. 

Sunday’s are my day.

Over the years I have changed, A LOT, and having spent a bit of time looking back at the ‘old me’ in pictures recently (and being told that isn’t you) I’ve realised just how much I have changed over the years. 

Photography by Laura Haley – Hat from Miss Selfridge | Jumper from New Look | Skirt from Superdry | Espadrilles from ASOS

In all honesty I lived without a care in the world until my 20’s. I dressed however I felt comfortable, I didn’t (and still don’t) wear a crazy amount of makeup and I rarely exercised from the moment I left school until the moment I met Mr D aged 23. I didn’t have many hang ups, I couldn’t have cared less about fashion and well, you were lucky if I did anything with my hair. Which is probably why back then I had long hair, but that’s another story entirely.

I digress.

I think one thing that has help drastically change my body over the years is that I have learnt the word ‘moderation’ and that living out of the microwave is anything but healthy for me. I don’t go to the gym or workout purely so that I can eat a pizza or to burn a pizza off, that type of relationship with food just isn’t for me, but I know that I can have it, because I work hard 80% of the time so that I can enjoy myself a little bit more than I usually would the remaining 20% of the time.

For me the 80:20 rule is life.

Luckily I have never been body-shamed, but recently I have seen some comments online that have shamed girls for being ‘too petite’ and telling them they ‘need a good meal’ in them in order to improve their body shape.

Number one, these comments say more about the person making them that the person they are making them to. Number two, if the person in the picture is happy with how they look who fives a fuck (yes I went there) and number three, what the fuck (yes I went there again)?

Who gives these keyboard warriors the right to dictate to others how they should look, act and behave?

For me confidence is something that doesn’t always come easily, but for some reason on my last few breaks away I feel as though I have thrown confidence in the ‘fuck it bucket’ but I honestly believe that part of it stems from social media, and as detrimental as it can be to our happiness at times, seeing girls and guys with the same hang ups as me strutting their stuff on the beach, wearing their favourite new swimwear makes me want to do the same.

So I do.

I’m not saying that you need to go get yourself an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-Drift-bikini like me if you’re usually more of a one-piece kinda gal. But investing in pieces that show off what you love about yourself really does help to ‘own it’ on the beach. I never thought I loved my butt; it’s dimpled, far from peachy and multi-coloured thanks to the various tine lines it has developed over the last decade, butt (see what I did there) wearing bikini bottoms that show off my derrière makes me feel incredible. Maybe it’s because these type of bottoms help create the illusion of those long legs I’ve always dreamed of?   

Maybe it’s because I just like my butt?

Or maybe it’s because deep down I know that I am perfect, just the way I am and that maybe, just maybe, that those things I dislike about myself are the reasons that my friends & Mr D like me? Maybe I should be proud of myself for that? Maybe I should be proud of myself for having the confidence to just be me.

Maybe that is more important than having the confidence to wear anything at all?

So instead of Sunday’s being my favourite days, maybe sunny days should be, especially if they give me the confidence to own it.

And just be me.

How do you ‘own it’ on holiday? Do you feel comfortable in just being you?
Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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