Ready to Rumble

Now that the snow is falling, blue skies have definitely turned to grey and the stores are filled to the brim with chocolates, toys and other festive goodies, heading home on a night seems like a much more attractive option than hitting the gym on a night.

But when we do find that spark of inspiration it can be far too easy to overdo it in the gym, go hell for leather for several days and not give a second thought to our bodies. Hitting the gym in Winter can be hard enough as it is without adding an injury to the list of things stopping us from getting there.

But there are few things that we can do throughout the colder months to help our bodies stay fighting fit and ready to go whenever the mood takes us…

SLEEPWhilst we’re dreaming of sun, sea and sand during the night, our bodies are fighting back (hence why you always feel better for napping whilst you’re ill). Aim for a good eight hours a night and if you’ve gone all hardcore in the gym that evening have a pre-sleep Casein hit to help maintain growth and repair throughout the night.

RESTRest days are so important (something I’m going to talk a lot more about next week) and something that you should always try to fit into your diary. I try to train Monday to Friday and take two rest days at a weekend to allow my body to recover properly. Rest days don’t have to mean you stay still though, I love doing a little stretching or even walking instead. I just don’t lift or run.

EATFuelling yourself right is so important when it comes to staying ready to rumble (let’s get ready, ready) and that means eating a balanced died (so get rid of that no carbs mentality). Stock up on green goodies such as Avocados, Spinach and Apples and add in some defensive goodies such honey and ginger too. 

These are just a few things that you can do to look after your body this Winter but the guys SimplyHealth have a full post the importance of recovery over on their site featuring some fantastic smoothie recipes (the Body & Soul Saviour is seriously amazing) for you to try!

What are your top Winter fitness tips? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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