Regaining My Wellness*

Over the past few years, I have come to realise that I need to look after my wellness as well as my health these days. Wellness is one of those things that we all take for granted, but we look after our health and selves in other ways, so why not our wellness?

I have a few ways of doing this, but recently Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation have played a bigger part than ever before. Working away means that getting into the gym just isn’t possible and today I’ve teamed up with Decathlon to share with you #howigetfit and have regained my wellness without stepping foot in a gym (although I have but all of none of these tips require you to)!

Having a ‘desk’ job means that I spend most of my life sat down, especially when travelling between sites for work, so remembering to move had been a big part of regaining my wellness.

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So I try to get out on a lunch time even if I only walk to the shop to get a drink, or run an errand, anything to make sure that I spend a little less time sat down at my computer and a little more time breathing deeply. I know we all do it, but one of the worst things we can do is keep still. 

And remember; every little helps, so when I’m working from home I make sure I do some hoovering or washing to get myself moving a little and occasionally I’ll walk down to the gym to meet Mr D at the end of the day too, just make sure that I’ve got my heart rate up and that blood pumping around my body.

If you follow me on the ol’ Instagram (if not you really should be, I’m a hoot), you’ll be well aware of the fact that I can be quite hard on myself.

I tend to dwell on mistakes, missed opportunities and misfortune quite a bit – even if they are beyond my control. Recently I’ve tried to change my mindset a little and to see everything as an opportunity instead … working away and staying in hotels gives me chance to practice my yoga, to spend a little time practising gratitude at the end of the day and to set different goals.

Trying something new doesn’t have to be daunting, and I’ve found that Yoga is no different, in fact I feel more comfortable unrolling my mat in the comfort of my own home or hotel room than I do in a class environment. 

It also doesn’t need to cost the earth.

My first Yoga mat was a very basic one that I had picked up from my local sports shop after the gym one day, but this Domyos Yoga Mat is so much better as it allows me to make sure that my body is aligned correctly when practising certain poses that I can often struggle with. Especially if I’m outside and have no mirror to check my posture in!

By focusing on regaining my wellness in a calm and controlled way, it has allowed me to discover that I have a passion for something that I have never invested time in before. 

I used to hate working away because I felt that it prevented me from doing things that I enjoy, however, I now realise that it has opened a door to something new and different for me, I look forward to my morning sessions with my Yoga Mat and cannot wait for the weather to improve enough to take my mat outdoors more often.

Sun salutations at sunrise feel so empowering.

Starting my day with a flow, a stretch or even just a simple meditation session on those days where my body is just saying no, allows me to start my day in a much better place and leave the stresses and strains of the day or night before behind me.

But my wellness is not just dependent upon my actions, it is also dependent upon the actions of the people that I choose to surround myself with.

One thing that I have taught myself over the past 12-18 months is that a needy friend isn’t always a friend in need. The ones that shout loudest are often the ones that don’t deserve your time and efforts, they don’t cheer for your victories and dismiss your needs for their own.

Lately I haven’t been as ‘present’ on social media as I had allowed myself to become, I’ve stopped following accounts that made me feel disappointed in myself, I’ve muted ones that made me feel angry or frustrated with society and I’ve surrounded myself with likeminded people.

Leaving people behind is a natural part of growing, it is not something to be ashamed of or that you should be afraid of doing. 

Take time to surround yourself with love and positivity.

Finally, I recently spoke about ‘learning to be truly happy‘ and how I need to overcome that destructive little voice within. 

And this is where practicing gratitude really comes into play. You see by ending each day by noting down just one positive thing from the day, I go to sleep happy. 

I congratulate myself for my success of the day (even if it just getting dressed, all victories are victories), I thank myself for looking after my wellness and I tell myself all of the things I like about myself.

You see a big part of wellness is happiness and practicing yoga, meditation and gratitude makes me happy. It gives me that ‘glow’ that I thought was reserved for those long-legged beauties who live by the coast in warmer climes than the UK.

By removing activities and mindsets that disappointed me, people who disappointed me and overcoming obstacles that frustrated me, I’ve found my happy and I’ve started to regain my wellness.

There is no ‘one’ way of doing this, there is no ‘quick’ way to get fit.

But by taking your time, by finding what matters to you, you will get there.

What tips do you have for regaining your wellness? How do you get fit?
Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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