Remember You’re a Bad Ass

Every time I say the title of this post I say it to the tune of ‘Remember You’re a Womble’ (a song that cam out way before my time but hey ho, I know it somehow) and I make myself chuckle a little bit. As always I digress as this isn’t a post about random old songs that I know, but one about remembering that you my dear are in actual fact a BAD ASS.

And I would like to just quickly say that you have Queen Beady to thank for this little pearl of wisdom, a girl who truly is a bad ass in the blogging world.

If you haven’t caught up with my latest newsletter yet (and if not, why not) you may have missed that last weekend I headed off to #Blogatthebeach with Despite this being their fifth event, it is the first time that I have been able to make it because, ironically, I’ve been away when it has been on.

Note to self, find out #BlogattheBeach dates first, book holidays later.

Anyhoo, as I hadn’t been to one of the events before, I didn’t really know what to expect from the afternoon with them – except that I would get to see some of my favourite people, get to listen to a few ‘talks’ and hopefully sip on Mulled Wine.

By the way, they came through on the Mulled Wine front.

What I certainly didn’t expect was to come away feeling as though I suddenly had much more purpose in the blogging community and feeling like a frickin’ bad ass.

Because we all are.

Yes you heard me, WE ARE ALL BAD ASS’S.

Take Bee’s (aka Queen Beady) amazing talk for instance, not only did she literally spell the above out, she also addressed something that I have been starting to feel was a pipe-dream; fitting it all in. It feels quite topical at the moment to touch on how much we bloggers do behind the scenes. Take today for example, I’ve made up a batch of Vegan Chocolate (which is so good by the way) which is currently in the freezer setting whilst I type this post up. I then need to take some blog pictures, edit them and write another post all about said chocolate and then get both posts scheduled for the week ahead. I also have another post to shoot, but I know already that the light today just isn’t good enough so that will (have to) wait another day.

So how on earth do you fit it all in?

Well sometimes you don’t, and that is perfectly OK as you’re only human, but sometimes you remember that you’re a bad ass and that you have got this all under control (even if you are living the M&S dream on an Aldi budget at times).

You use all those ‘wasted moments’ to prepare, create and schedule content instead of scrolling aimlessly, you shoot whenever the opportunity arises and you make sure that you always have somewhere to note those pesky ideas that pop into your head when you least expect them to.

But it can be hard to remember you’re a bad ass when you’re living in constant fear of rejection or even worse, being ‘outed’.

Another topical reference I know, but this is something that has stopped me from chasing my dreams all too often in the past. I live in constant fear of being rejected by people, be it brands, other bloggers or people outside of the industry. 

But why should I? What’s the worst that can happen?

Even if a brand doesn’t want to work with me right now, getting in touch with them makes them aware of who I am, what I can offer and could potentially open the door for future opportunities. Kirsty (aka Kirsty Leanne) made me feel like a total queen when she discussed how the follower count isn’t always as relevant as we think these days and that engagement is key.

I’d rather have a handful of readers who actually engage with me, than an arsenal of ones that read and never comment.

One thing I have had some lovely comments about this year is my photography, something that both Bee and Kaye’s (aka Fordtography) sessions motivated me to keep working on.

I love a good touristy, landscape shot. They’re my vibe. But in the past I have worried that others may find them a little too busy looking and have shied away from sharing them, instead opting for ones that show the ‘pristine’ look instead.

You know the ones, where you have got up early to avoid fellow guests in a hotel or headed off the beaten track to find a quite side street to shoot instead. But why do this? Kaye raised a really good point that you wouldn’t expect to head to places like NYC or Venice and expect to see deserted streets, you would expect to see crowds of people taking in all the sights and sounds instead, so why not include them in your images? You can shoot through them, over them or use them to frame a shot.

If they’re there (and so are you, no shade intended) then incorporate them!

You have enough to do without waiting for the latest tour bus to disperse before you get that shot…

Ooo on that note I think my chocolate is ready so I must dash. I know that this post has been a bit waffly but if you only remember one thing from this, make sure it’s that you’re a bad ass.

What’s the one thing that makes you feel like the total badass that you are? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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