There have been a number of instances recently that have got me thinking about how much respect we actually give to one another and in some case how little. It’s time we remembered a few home truths and learned how to respect one another…

What makes you tick? Is it constantly being compared to others? Is it being told you’re not good enough? Is it having your motives questioned? There’s always something that is bound to get your back up a little bit.

But why do we do it? Why do certain groups of people always feel the need to comment on everyone’s shape and size? Why can’t girls lift? What’s wrong with preferring to be strong, confident and healthy as opposed to skinny and malnourished? Am I wrong for concentrating on macros than calories? Is it wrong that I am more concerned with body fat than weight?

So let’s stop comparing ourselves to others, it’s good to have inspiration but we’re all different in our makeup and composition, we’re all at different stages of our journeys and ultimately we’re all looking to achieve different, albeit very similar, things. Let’s acknowledge each other’s achievements no matter how small or trivial they may seem to you, to the person who has achieved them it may be a major milestone. Let’s support each other, not question each other.

But most importantly let’s respect each other.

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