Rimmel’s Red Nose Red for Comic Relief

For those of you outside of the UK – Red Nose Day has become a bit of an institution here since it’s launch in 1988. Every other year Comic Relief encourages people across the country to do something funny for money and puts on an evening of comedy on the BBC to help raise funds for charities here at home and abroad.

Tomorrow is the big day and people all over the UK will be making their faces funny for money (I’ll do a silly selfie in the morning so keep a weather eye on my Instagram) and sitting down to an evening of Lenny Henry & friends taking over the airwaves.

This year in addition to the usual red noses and t-shirts being sold to help raise money, Rimmel have launched the Limited Edition Red Nose Red by Kate. Retailing for £5.49, £1.67 of each lipstick sold will go straight to Comic Relief with the aim of raising £250 000 for the charity.

The lipstick itself is a gorgeous and very wearable light red, with the added bonus of lasting up to 8 hours and Rimmel’s infamous creamy texture so it doesn’t feel chalky or dehydrating on the lips.

Have you added this to your collection yet? Or are you doing something funny for money this year? Let me know your thoughts below and I’ll catch you again soon, until then though x

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