Santa Baby

Hey Santa baby, I’d like to think I’ve been a pretty good girl this year and well if you’re looking for ideas for what to slip under the tree for me this year I’ve come up with one or two for. In fact I reckon a few of my gal pals would like a few of these too…

You see Santa baby, we’re not all about socks and underwear these days (although if you happen to pop some Calvin Kleins under the tree I wouldn’t exactly be unhappy about it) and well I’m a little bit basic so pretty much anything Rose Gold will put a smile on my face on Christmas Day.

I’m pretty certain I don’t need to tell you that though, I’m sure you’re well aware of my obsession with all thinks pink and shiny these days … a little bit like the one I had with My Little Ponies in the late 80’s. New decade, new obsession.

Same old little me.

We all know that I am now an Apple-ite and although my FitBit has (and still is) serving me well, I think it is time for an upgrade to something a little more techy so this sporty looking Apple Watch in Pink Sand & Gold is setting my heart a fluttering right now.

If there is one thing that I have never been referred to in my life it is a Rock Chick, but this Charlotte Tilbury set is made for me thanks to its combination of sultry eyes and nude lips.

Also my reed diffuser in the office is running a little low and I have my heart set on this one from Molton Brown, I’d love it if it could fall onto your sleigh for me Santa baby. Those heart notes of Ginger & Nutmeg are some of the most festive I can imagine!

Now I know that I have already upgraded my headphone situation once this year but these Wireless Beats by Dre fulfil all my basic needs … they’re wireless (ultimate gym bunny essential), they’re Rose Gold and they match my iPhone. All the basic needs in life. 

My feet are never happier than when they are tucked away in my beloved Ugg Boots but maybe they could be in these dusky pink Pom Pom Slippers, funnily enough also from Ugg? I guess we’ll never know unless y’know, you pop them under that tree for me.

For once Santa baby, I’m not asking for a puppy this year. I know that that is never going to happen because they’re scared of flying so I understand.

But if a puppy is out of the question how about an Instax Mini instead? I’ve developed a real love for photography over the past 18 months and I would adore some little keepsake polaroids to keep for years to come.

Oh and one last thing – you brought me the most amazing gift last Christmas, barely a day has passed without my iPad Pro being by my side and well I’d quite like the Apple Pen to go with it, I’d love to get a little more arty over the next few months and even practice my calligraphy perhaps.

Maybe next year I’ll use it to write this letter to you?

Well thats it Santa baby, I don’t ask for much do I? I don’t expect to receive all of the items I’d love and I’d be made up to find just one of them under the tree this Christmas. But in the spirit of Christmas I’d like you to bring my loved ones a few things too … each and every single person in my life deserves to find what their heart desires under their tree this Christmas.

Thanks for listening Santa baby, I’ll leave you in peace now … until next year.


Emma, aged 33 and three quarters.

P.s. Let me know if you really hate those Mince Pies, I know I do (unpopular opinion I know) but I’d be happy to leave cookies instead if you’d prefer.

What’s on your Christmas list this year?
Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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