Self-Care Sunday Manifesto

Love it or loathe it, the vast majority of us rely on social media for one reason or another and whilst I adore it and the opportunities it can open up for us, I also long for the return of simpler days when the world and it's BAE weren't observing your every move & had constant access via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram ... yada, yada, yada.

I no longer feel as though the world is on my shoulders when times are a little crazy, I feel as though it is in my pocket. And that my friends is a real drag.

Over the past 12-months I have made a real effort to stop being a slave to my notifications, in fact I have turned them off for the majority of apps because that little red dot of doom makes me feel as though I need to reply to that message the moment it comes through. In reality if I'm busy, I don't - I'd rather finish the task in hand than reply to that message from Sally about Susie .

Especially if that tasks will pay the bills as opposed to dragging down my vibrations.

I couldn't care less if Susie doesn't feel like getting out of bed today, in fact good for her - she's prioritising herself and her own wellbeing over being a yes person!

I want to be more Susie.

I need to be more Susie.

So here it is, my Self-Care Sunday Manifesto and one that I would encourage each and every one of you to adopt - even if you only implement one or two parts of it straight away as it has seriously reduced my anxiety, raised my vibrations and made my weekends more productive too.

Self-Care Sunday Manifesto Intention One

Wake naturally - I think this has probably been the biggest change in terms of my weekend routine in 2019 and the one that I have benefited from the most. As I head up to bed on a Saturday night, I make sure that my alarms are turned off and that my phone is on silent. I allow my body to wake up naturally, when it wants and even then I don't rush into getting up and getting on straight away.

As I balance working full-time, running and having a side-hustle, I used to force myself to get up at 8am on a weekend to make sure that I had time for Park Run, so that I was able to start on my to-do list whilst Mr D enjoyed a lay in and as a result I felt constantly exhausted.

These days I only set an alarm if I have a race or a particular event I need to get to for a certain time, I try not to spend as much time mindlessly scrolling before I have my breakfast and concentrate on allowing my body to unwind from the stresses and strains of the week just passed.

Self-Care Sunday Manifesto Intention Two

Something else I make sure I do on a weekend is mix-up my routine.

During the week I am 100% guilty of the deskfast trap. This is for many reasons (the main one is I have zero time to eat before work because I am the serial snoozer), but as a result my breakfast during the week is either Overnight Oats or Scrambled Eggs on Toast and so on a weekend I try to treat myself to something a little different.

Occasionally I'll whip up a batch of pancakes, other times I'll have a nice bowl of granola and yoghurt and the slight switch just allows me to avoid feeling like I'm stuck in a rut and makes weekends feel extra special. Especially on those occasions where I get to sit outside with a coffee too as opposed to at my desk staring at my screen.

Being an IBS sufferer, one of the worst things I can do is rush my food and so eating at leisure on a weekend also helps me to feel more relaxed too!

Self-Care Sunday Manifesto Intention Three


Over the past few years I have developed a greater love for the great outdoors (I'm currently wondering where I go for a run in the countryside this weekend) and Mr D have a National Trust Membership that gives us the freedom to go exploring on a weekend and see some of the treasures that this country has to offer.

A few weekends ago we headed off to the wonderful Fountains Abbey and whilst neither of us probably really felt like it when we set off, by the end of our walk we were both really happy we had got out and got some fresh air.

But breathing isn't just all about getting out and exploring the great outdoors, it can be as simple as opening the windows, popping on a guided meditation (I love these from Sophie French) and just taking a bit of time out from your day in order to organise your thoughts and feelings.

Self-Care Sunday Manifesto Intention Four


Finally make sure you take care of yourself and your needs. I finish every Sunday off with a little TLC in the form of a hot shower or bath, popping on a face-mask and reading my latest book. By switching off from the world, I'm able to mentally prepare myself for the week ahead, make sure I have everything I need set aside for Monday and practice a little gratitude.

Being thankful for all the self-care that my weekend has brought into my life, all of the benefits of that self-care that I will continue to feel far into the new week ahead and for the two days awaiting me at the end of it where I get to take care of myself all over again.

So what if self-care is seen as a little narcissistic, trust me, we could all do with a little more self-care in our lives and I’d love to hear your self-care rituals in the comments below!

Oh and there's now a handy 'Reset Day' downloadable that includes 7-simple steps to get yourself back on track when all feels lost.