Are We Sharing Too Much Online?

Emma is stood on a roof top in central Leeds with the city skyline behind her pondering are we sharing too much online

At the heart of being a blogger is a desire to share. When I sat down at my laptop to pen my first post on HarmonyBlaze back in 2014, it was a desire to share my opinion on the latest beauty products I had hauled (alongside the amazing excuse to buy more and more makeup and skincare in order to create new content on a weekly basis). But these day’s it’s more the desire to help and inspire others to live their best life by sharing my own, especially on Instagram. But are we sharing too much online?

Whereas when I first discovered YouTube it was to watch styling videos and makeup tutorials (because back then this girl and all the gear and no idea), these days I love nothing more than popping on a good Vlog and watching the daily lives of people I don’t really know. Real life content makes for interesting and entertaining watching and that’s probably why after the rise of ‘reality TV’ that bloggers started vlogging their daily lives. It allowed them to share the warts and all details that their readers craved.

But I can help but think that we are starting to share too much online?

Having followed some YouTubers for more than half of the last decade, I’ve watched them change from the girls (& guys) next door to international superstars. And during that time I have seen their content change from snippets of their day-to-day lives, to full on accounts of their being. It feels as though nothing is intimate or private anymore?

As creators are we now obliged to live our full lives in view of our followers? Do we feel so indebted to the people that have enabled us to create the lifestyles we have craved that we feel that in someway we owe it to them to have completely transparent lives?

Everything feels as though it has become diluted, that even the ‘natural’ moments are now staged in someway and the lines have become blurred. Clickbait and drama appears to have become the norm and creators suddenly have opinions on matters socially hot topics that they never have before in order to be on trend. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to believe what see and hear online, messages no longer feel genuine, particularly when you get creators who are suddenly concerned about the planet whilst parading their latest haul of shoes and handbags in front of us.

Maybe they do care, maybe they do have a desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle – but their actions speak louder than their words and it all feels so very fake as a result.

Because it feels as there is too much sharing these days, I have started to consume less content online and I have become much more selective when I do. After following the girls and guys next door because I found them #relatable, I now feels as though they have shared so much now that nothing is new.

I don’t want to see another fashion week or trip to Paris filled with trips to Angelina, nor do I want to see yet another clickbait title appear in my subs folder after the creator has criticised others for using them on their social feeds.

It almost feels as though YouTube is becoming an extension of the column of shame on the Daily Mail’s website – full of the same old re-hashed content, where everything is over sensationalised, staged and attention seeking.

I guess this has led me to change my direction a little of late – like many I have decided that what I want to share online is effectively a journal of my life … the things I have done and seen, the things I have learnt and experienced if you will. This isn’t just something I’ve been pondering over recently, in fact I would say this is a change that has been on my mind for some time now.

I used to think that what I wanted was a big audience, when in actual fact what I really want is an engaged one.

So in someways, yes I do think we are sharing too much online and I guess that has made this industry what it is today. But what I want is simply an inside view into a normal persons life, to know that what I am experiencing is not unusual and to find it was interesting and relatable.

I’m still excited to share, just in a different way.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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