So You’ve Joined a Gym

It’s no surprise that January see’s a higher number of new gym memberships being started than any other month of the year. We’re all feeling a little rounder, a little heavier and a little bit crappy after over indulging during the festive season and we’re looking to make a few changes, good for us…

… And so if one the changes you have made is joining the local gym, you may be feeling a little daunted by your new surroundings. All that space, all that equipment and all those people! But never fear, I’ve got your back with a little gym etiquette…

Changing Rooms are for changing in! Those benches aren’t there for you to sit on and update your Facebook status on, or have a quick chat with your bestie or bae (shoot me now for using that term) before you get your sweat on. Go in, change, get out.

Don’t Linger! Met up with your tribe for a workout? Don’t linger around the cardio area waiting for enough machines in a row to become available, split up and workout. I understand it’s nice to workout with a friend, especially if you’re new to the gym. But it’s unlikely, especially in January, that you’re going to get a group or treadmills together.

Turn up! There is nothing more frustrating to regular gym goers than their favourite classes being full booked online and then seeing them half empty on the night. If you book a class either turn up or cancel it, it’s common courtesy at the end of the day guys.

Learn! Nobody on this planet would expect you to turn up to the gym for the first time and know exactly how to use every piece of kit straight away, but most gyms out there will offer you a complimentary induction to help you get started with the basics. Take advantage of this and don’t go maverick. You could hurt yourself or another member using equipment incorrectly.

Respect Space! Personal space that is. If someone is working out on a bench, pressing their little hearts out, leave them enough room to workout safely. They could hurt themselves trying to avoid you or hurt you if they don’t see you.

Kit up! Grab yourself a pair of trainers, some comfortable leggings/ joggers, a good sports bra and some vests or Ts as that’s all you need on the gym floor. That cute sweat top might look nice, but you can’t workout in it comfortably. Leave the fashion show in your locker and kit up appropriately.

Stick at it! Humourous etiquette aside, the most important thing that you need to take with you to the gym is a little grit & determination. Pick a goal and work towards it, achieve it and then pick another and another. Talk to people, attend classes, learn and grow. We’re all in this together.

If you could give a gym newbie any piece of advice what would it be? Or as a newb what do you wish someone would tell you? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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