Social Media Vs IRL

Some days I envy the ‘youth’ of today and the fact that they have the world at their fingertips – my GCSE projects would have been so much better if I had had the wealth of the internet on my side! But on others I feel lucky that I grew up before the shit storm that is social media, life for me as a teen was hard enough! 

Growing up I idolised pop-stars, footballers and Blue Peter presenters, I would catch snippets of them on TV, in magazines or if I was really lucky in person (Lucas Radebe handed me my scroll at my graduation and it is still one of the most surreal experiences I’ve had along with delivering room service to Westlife)! 

Growing up doesn’t mean that I no longer have people that I look up to – it is just that they are much more in reach and accessible. Being part of the Blogosphere I can appreciate that what these people show is often an alternative ‘virtual’ reality, the highlights real if you will and have learnt to be able to sift the genuine from the fake.

Photo Credit: Laura Haley

One thing that social media throws at us on a regular basis is the plethora of gorgeous bodies, but when you feel a little vulnerable about your own body image this can do more harm than good. I personally (on good days) love scrolling through my Insta feed and looking at all the exotic places my virtual friends have found themselves in and admire their body confidence … no matter their size, shape, colour or creed, they all look amazing in their own individual ways. But the shots that make it online are the ones that people deem to be their best, the ones taken in the right light at the right time. 

I mentioned in my recent ‘I Don’t See Me’ post, my body confidence has been really low recently and I have started to improve this by removing people from my feeds that make me feel inadequate in life and this is so important -there is nothing wrong with taking a little time-out for you and unfollowing anyone who leaves you feeling anything other than positive and enriched. 

As I have said before unfollowing people is absolutely fine and it doesn’t mean you don’t like them anymore, it just means they’re not right fit for you right now.

Whilst I’m on the topic of body-image and confidence lets talk filters shall we? I for one love a good filter on Insta Stories (especially THAT one that makes you look like a goddess), but I must admit I probably rely on them a little more than I should. Now there is nothing wrong with adopting those bunny or Koala ears and nose to hide your day three hair and makeup free face, but before you begin to attempt to scour those blemishes away or pluck eyebrows to within an inch of their life in a bid to become Cara, remember that the natural you is beautiful too. 

I am so guilty of only appearing online with a full face and my hair done, that’s just who I am, but in reality I am sat here with my hair unwashed, unbrushed and with zero makeup on. We were never engineered to be picture perfect, we were engineered to live and create.

The world of social media is an incredible place, it can motivate you to work harder, achieve more and provide one of the greatest free creative outlets there is. However, if can also have the totally opposite effect from time to time – especially when some people appear to have it all by over editing their feeds. 

Social media has become all about promoting the best version of yourself, it seems that the moaning has even now ceased on Facebook,  but remember that some of those positive posts may just be a sunny-day spin of someones bad day or an old shot because they don’t feel in a good place to take new ones, not everything you see is taken at the time that you see it.

What are your views on the virtual reality of social media vs real life? 
Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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