Spice It Up

It seems like everyday there is some new superfood that we need to try, something else that we need to avoid and to try a new way of living out…

But should we just go back to basics?


Lately I have been trying to ensure that I know exactly what I am putting into my body to help control those hideous IBS symptoms that I have written about previously, staying away from chemical additives and generally just eating better.

Until now I (naively) thought that herbs and spices had just one use in life, to add flavour and life to the blandest of dishes. How wrong I have been.

Many herbs and spices also have medicinal used too, these range from helping with muscle soreness and bloating to increasing your metabolism and attention and when I started working with Nalu Active I was provided with a list of recommended herbs and spices to use in my meals to help ‘pep’ them up a little.

One of my favourites is Turmeric, mainly because I am a massive fan of Asian cuisine and let’s face it, many Asian dishes get their delicious flavour and colour by using this ingredient. I love adding it to any dishes, even omelettes, to give them a vibrant dash of colour and a fantastic flavour.

But using Turmeric also helps massively with post-workout aches and pains, it is natural pain killer (try adding a dash of Turmeric to your evening meal if you find yourself with a foggy head after hitting the gym), a rich antioxidant that will help to keep your body working efficiently and also has anti-inflammatory properties too. 

Don’t want to add Turmeric to every meal? Help is on hand!

JustVitamins offer a high potency Turmeric supplement for those who want all of the health benefits without having to add it to every meal. But it isn’t just Turmeric supplements that JustVitamins offer, they have a wide range of dietary and food based supplements and they’re all available on free standard delivery. Winner.

I’ve definitely found that using food based supplements such as these can have huge benefits to my health and wellbeing and it has certainly made me think twice about what I put into my body.

What is your favourite way to spice up your meals or what supplement could you not live without? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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