Staying Fit & Fab at Home

Holidays are coming and ready or not so is the food, the stress and all the fun. I am such a festive girl, I love the music, the traditions and the fact that it brings everyone together. But Christmas can be hard on your regime, especially if you’re away from home, so here are a few tips to stay ‘Fit & Fab’ this Christmas time…

I am very lucky in that I have an exercise bike at home so when life dictates I don’t have time to get to the gym, I can still crack on with some cardio at home. However, I am well aware that not everyone has this luxury.

You honestly don’t need much, if any, specialist equipment to be able to workout at home. When I started out I used to pop on an exercise video (yes back when videos existed) in the front room and away I would go. These days there is so much choice when it comes to home workouts.

The biggie of course is YouTube and the emergence of the fitness super bloggers such as The Lean Machines and Carly Rowena who are my particular favourites. Their channels are quite different but they both put up workout routines that you can do at home as well as nutritional advice so I would definitely recommend checking them out if you get chance.

If you have or can purchase a small set of weights like the above then there is so much you can do to avoid becoming sedentary over the Christmas & New Year period. You can easily put together a little full body workout using just these and your own bodyweight. You don’t need a gym to do burpees and the bottom step is perfect for tricep dips!

I love downloadable workout guides, I don’t necessarily follow them all but I really like to read them and learn different points of view and techniques from them. There are some great ones out there from the likes of Chloe Madeley and Kayla Istines and they will last you a lifetime essentially and will really help you find a rhythm in or out of the gym. 

There are two more pieces of kit that I would recommend picking up or popping on your wishlist this year if you can; a resistance band and a foam roller. These are the best things for working out at home. The resistance band you can use for strength training, for making sure that your knees are in-line when squatting and when you’re stretching so you really can get a full workout using it and then the foam roller is a great way of relaxing after your session, to cool down and get all those aching muscles rolled out and feeling good again.

I know that I will miss a few sessions over the festive period, but with a little willpower I know I can keep moving at home, so put down that mince pie and get moving!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I’d love to hear your tips below and I will catch up with you again tomorrow, until then though x

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