Staying Healthy on Holiday

Every year I go on holiday filled with the best intentions to not over indulge on sweet treats at breakfast, to not only workout my body but also my mind and to come back home looking like some kind of goddess. Every year I fail…

Every year I fail, but mainly because the expectation of jetting off to a non-health resort and expecting to live on green smoothies, to practice yoga and meditate every day is possibly a little (ok maybe a lot) unrealistic. 

So each year I come home after one too many Strawberry Daiquiri’s, feeling a little rounder as well as a little browner!

I’m not naturally the most active of people, my natural state is sofa bear and if I didn’t know better I would spend my spare time binge watching boxsets & funding the Dominoes takeover of the world. On holiday I love nothing more than to lounge around poolside for hours on end, whiling away the days soaking up the rays and reading my books.


But going on holiday doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your healthy lifestyle at the airport, there are plenty of ways to stay happy and healthy when the sofa bear is making a hulk style bid for freedom…

HYDRATE … The number one rule of staying happy and healthy both at home and abroad is staying hydrated. Obviously you need to drink more abroad to compensate for the extra fluid you lose through sweating, so keep a bottle poolside and avoid too much alcohol during the day.

BE SNACKSELLENT … There is nothing I love more than a mini tube of Pringles on a plane, teamed with half a bag of Cadburys Eclairs but in reality I know that non of those are exactly nutritious! I like to make sure that I have a Protein or Cereal bar on me if it is a short flight to avoid panic buying food on the plane. However, if you have a longer journey try to plan out your meals and avoid carb heavy meals to banish the bloat. 

DO YOUR HOMEWORK … Try and find out if there are any healthy eating options in your resort before you jet off, its so much easier to do your research at home than when you’re abroad. Make a note of any places to visit and if you’e going all inclusive avoid going overboard by asking yourself ‘would I eat this at home?’. That will soon put paid to the idea of having Churros for breakfast every day!

STAY ACTIVE … Find out if your hotel has an activity schedule, get up early and stretch out on the balcony or simply go for a swim before lunch, going away doesn’t mean that you can’t still move your butt and burn off a few calories. It doesn’t have to be strenuous, it doesn’t have to be for long, but staying active will help you keep that smile on your face.

But the most important thing to make sure you do on holiday is to enjoy it, at most it tends to be 14 days out of 365 so it really isn’t the end of the world if you don’t manage to workout or eat your five a day every day whilst you’re away.

Is there anything that you always do to stay healthy on holiday?

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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