Staying Safe

It’s very rare to be able to read a newspaper or magazine these days without stumbling across at least one article peddling the latest super food or health craze that is going to make you look younger, feel fitter and live longer, so it’s easy to forget the fundamental basics of staying safe.


Hands up if you own a car?

With over 30 million cars currently on the roads in the UK I’m sure a few of you out there have your very own pride and joy sitting outside your front door that you rely on day-to-day. But what do you do to make sure that it keeps you safe on these dark, Wintry nights?

I’ve always loved cars – from matchbox car races as a child,  to attending Grand Prix races and Motor shows as an adult and as a result I’ve always made sure that I had a basic knowledge of how to keep my car in tip top condition…

PRESSURE CHECK | Be sure to check your Tyre pressures on a regular basis as running these too low can effect the performance and handling of your car. You can check these at the same time as filling up and your cars optimum pressures will be in your handbook.

THE 20P TEST | We all know that Tyre health is part of the MOT test don’t we? But did you know that you can check this yourself too? Simply place a 20 pence piece in the main tread groove and if the outer band is covered by the tread your Tyre’s will be pass the tread test at MOT!

BUY NEW | When it comes to road safety, Tyre’s are as important as your brakes. Whilst there is legislation in place to ensure that part worn Tyre’s that are sold in the UK are road safe buying new is always the safest option. Point S is the leading independent network of Tyre and car service dealers in the UK and make buying new shoes for your car as easy as possible!

KNOW YOUR TYRE | Easier said than done right? Wrong. All you need to know is your registration and Point S will know the rest or if you want to educate your test just look at your existing Tyre’s where you will find the width, profile, rim size and speed markings.

USE YOUR EYES | Make sure you visually check your Tyre’s on a regular basis, clear any stones or debris from the treads and check for any tears, splits or punctures before they take hold. 

So if you have a car make sure that tomorrow you check the tread, the pressure and the health of your Tyre’s, stay safe.

Own up, who cannot remember the last time they checked their Tyre’s? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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