Step into Summer

I’ve always been a massive fan of those Chanel Espadrilles that I am pretty certain you will have seen adorning the feet of many a blogger over the past twelve months. However, there isn’t a single part of me could ever justify £460 on a pair of rope soled shoes.

Photography by Paul Dickenson in Staithes, North Yorkshire | Espadrilles by ASOS |  Shorts by Girls on Film | T-Shirt by Whistles | Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

So you can guess my delight when I discovered that Chanel didn’t entirely have the market cornered when it comes to Espadrilles of the Ivory & Black variety. Enter ASOS’s take on the old French classic, the Jacklyn

Since I got my ASOS Espadrilles at the start of Summer they have hardly been off my feet. They have been for a walk on some of North Yorkshire’s prettiest beaches, accompanied me to work on many an occasion and they have even been on holiday to Rhodes with me. 

I can hardly imagine my wardrobe without them these days.

You see the thing with investing (even if it is only £12) in a classic piece for wardrobe is that they go with everything, they can be worn at any time to any where and they will always catch the eye of those that see them… even if they don’t feature a fancy monogram on them.

I’ve always been a bigger fan of flats than heels, even as a short girl I’ve never really understood the female obsession with skyscraper heels that rub, blister and ruin your feet. The slip on style of these espadrilles makes them unbelievable comfortable and that tiny elasticated insert means that they will remain so even on the hottest of feet in Summer! I should know, as I said they’ve been to Rhodes!

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with splurging on a wardrobe staple every now and again, in fact I would advocate that and if you can afford to treat yourself to fancy footwear then why the hell not, you’ve earned it, its the fruits of your labour so to speak.

But for those of us that can’t afford to splurge on designer labels just yet, or simply feel a little bit sick at the thought of spending so much on a pair of everyday shoes (I’d rather buy a Go Pro or a new coffee table) then there is always the good old High Street or online retailers that help us look the part for less. 

The thing with living your life online is that you can sometime feel inferior because you can’t afford the same designer labels that luxury bloggers do, to have the latest ‘must have’ fashion accessory or to spend every evening dining out at the most glamorous restaurants.

However it isn’t what you spend your money on that make you who you are, its how you feel when you’re wearing your latest purchase or after that meal out and I feel fantastic in my ASOS Jacklyn’s. So that’s all that matters to me.

What was the last designer dupe that you found? Would you rather spend or splurge? 

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though xxx


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