Summer Fit

It’s that time of year again girls and guys. Now that the clocks have sprung forward, the days are longer and that little bit warmer our thoughts turn to Summer and what we want to improve on before we hit the beach this year…

…And so in search of our perfection we often pound the pavements for miles on end, tone our tums and hit the gym to shift a few pounds. But hands up who also turns to the latest fad diet, banishes the carbs and stocks up on the latest weight loss shake instead of investing in balanced and nutritious meals?

We’re all guilty of overlooking nutrition.

Nutrition plays a bigger part in our lives than many of us give it credit for, it enables us to live, grow and function effectively and thanks to the guys at the Bodytonic Clinic Wapping I think I may have come up with a quick and easy meal that will help protect your hard working joints.

Let’s start with a dose of Vitamin D which helps to naturally regulate the body’s calcium levels, keeping your bones strong and you performing at your peak for longer. Increase your daily intake of Vitamin D by loading your plate up with oil rich fish such as Salmon or Tuna and by making yourself a fresh glass of OJ to enjoy on the side.

Whilst we most commonly associate collagen with beauty, it also plays an important part in being strong too and be found in our muscles, tendons and bones as well as our skin. Serve up Vitamin C rich vegetable such as peppers, chard and broccoli alongside your oily fish to encourage natural collagen production.

All too commonly when we start working hard to improve ourselves we suffer little set backs and we need to make sure our immune systems are firing on all cylinders. Selenium is a naturally occurring mineral that helps improve immunity and reduce healing times too. A little goes a long way with this mineral and so just 3-4 Brazil nuts a day will provide all that you need.  

Finally every health bloggers favourite foods; avocado, quinoa and kale. These three little superstars will help provide all of the Magnesium that your body needs, and believe me that’s a lot, to help reduce post workout aches and pains.  

So there you have it, next time you’re wondering what to cook after your workout go for salmon on a bed of quinoa & kale with avocado, peppers and a few Brazil nuts with a glass of fresh OJ to keep your joints feeling healthy and strong.

What is your favourite post-workout meal? 

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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