Taking the Power Back

As much as I always look forward to Christmas, I have always dreaded the traditional January 1st weigh in and quite often this has led me to restricting myself over the festive season too. But not this year, this year I wanted to take the power back.

You see I’m a stubborn little mule when I want to be. Telling me I’m unfit, out of shape or that I look a little rounder than normal won’t drive me to the gym, it won’t make me pound the pavements or order a salad, it will simply make me dig in, eat more and do less.

Never tell me I need to lose weight, never.

But this year I took a different approach, I took the pressure off by having no plans to bare my body in a bikini in January and decided to just enjoy myself. Although I knew that I could not simply eat whatever I wanted (the world would not thank me for having all the dairy, the hole in the o-zone layer cannot take the stress) I also knew that restricting myself would make me feel guilty if I failed.

I enjoyed those pigs in blankets so, so much.

I’d love to say that I didn’t go OTT on the Prosecco, Wine & Port, but if I did I’d be lying (and I’m no Pinocchio) so I’ll be honest, I drank it all and I accepted the munchies that came with it. I enjoyed all the nuts, olives and crisps that were put in front of me.

I felt like a winner and despite being a few pounds heavier, I still do.

But when I had a wobble mid-break (I called it my end of year emotional breakdown) I didn’t keep my emotions bottled up inside, I vented to Paul, I vented to my friends and I put it out online so that people could see that life isn’t always fine and dandy as a blogger. Sometimes we feel shit too.

And on that night I felt really shit about myself.

But that’s where I truly regained the power. Instead of spending the next day wallowing in self pity and taking both my diet and exercise levels to the extreme, I decided to have a healthy breakfast and get outdoors. To go exploring, get some fresh air and enjoy some time away from the pressures of the Christmas break.

It is possible to take the power back, it is your life and you control it, not food and not anyone else.

Never feel guilty of enjoying yourself, one day will not ruin everything and over indulging doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you human.

How have you felt over the Christmas break? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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