Episode 3 : Taking Reset Days

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Reset days, what the hell am I talking about.

Until recently I didn’t realise that reset days were a real deal and thought they were just something I used to justify those virtual days off from the world.

Although I love Summer, the height of mid-summer is often the height of the social calendar and our days (and evenings) are often filled with invites to BBQs, family events and lets not forget our holidays! But when life gets busy, we tend to neglect ourselves (have you ever wondered why you always seem to spend the first day of your holiday primping and preening yourself?) and then our todo lists and chores seemingly get out of hand!

Reset days present us with an opportunity to remove clutter from our lives and get all of those menial chores done… by removing all of the background noise and chatter, we can focus on the task in hand and get shit done.

If you’re like me, when you really care about something you may have a tendency to go a little over the top when it comes to planning things. The result? You start to feel mentally messy fatigued, hazy and cluttered.

Essentially the fog descends. We lose our sparkle – we start to feel dull, tired and burnt out.

It is often said that compassion is the first instinct and that as humans our brains are wired to respond to the suffering of others, however, only when your cup is full can you truly be there for others and in order to fill your cup you need to make time for yourself.

For me reset days are a great way to restore clarity, peace & calm in my life – they reduce internal conflicts, anxiety and stress which allows me to enjoy the process more. In fact, over the past few months, reset days have helped me to realise that I need to create a better work life balance for myself.

So that is something I’m currently working on by introducing a batch working routine to my week.

But I’m sure I will still need to the occasional reset day.

Everyone’s reset days are different, they’re all about doing what feels right for you in that moment – on some occasions a reset day may be sitting on the sofa and binge watching The Big Bang Theory on Netflix to get a little headspace, on others it may be plowing through the pile of washing and getting all of the housework done!

But one thing is for sure when I take a reset day – I switch off … I turn off my alarm and wake naturally (something that I have started to try and do every weekend), I avoid social media and I spend time creating positive affirmations instead. By starting my day in a more relaxed and peaceful manner, I am setting the tone for the rest of the day, no matter what it throws at me.

Throughout the day I will take time to make sure that I am being more mindful of myself – usually this is through journalling or scripting, but it can be through exercise or just spending some quiet time reading too.

After a reset day I find myself feeling much more capable of making decisions, of committing to goals and following through on promises. By refilling my cup and able to be a better employee, girlfriend, daughter, friend… I’m able to be compassionate and serve others to the best of my abilities.