Tea Total

Lets face it, there comes a stage in the run up to Christmas where we simply do not want another alcoholic beverage to pass our lips and when you hit that wall there is always tea.

But when I say tea, I don’t just mean the old fashioned builders brew or a detoxing cup of Green Tea, I mean sweet, fruity and refreshing teas.

I am a massive tea drinker, from herbal to fruity, my desk at work is packed full of boxes of tea bags that are going to make me live longer, feel healthier and fight off illnesses.

Tearoute are renowned for their unusual tea blends and one of them works perfectly in my tea-total Cosmopolitan that you can enjoy on those days where you feel like you need a day off from the booze.

Red Square blended tea is a fruity tea that combines the flavours of Cranberries, Apples and Hibiscus Flowers to create a bright and refreshing tea which when combined with Orange Juice and not forgetting a dash of lime creates a beautiful mocktail that you can sip at on an evening.

To make your own Cranberry Cosmo Mocktails (makes 4) …

Brew a mug of Red Square Tea and allow to cool before pouring over ice in a shaker, add 40ml of fresh orange and a twist of lime before shaking and straining into your favourite glasses. You can make a large batch of this before a party and leave for your guests to help themselves, allowing you to enjoy your night!

What’s your favourite downtime mocktail? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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