That Magical Moment in the Sun

Picture hundreds, thousands, of threads, as long as love is.” Picture family and friends travelling thousands of miles across Europe to share a magical moment in the sun and you may come up with something like this…

For instance, picture kindness – how smoothly it unfurls when people care as much about each other as themselves.” I’m sure that when the invites went out inviting those that Adam & Nik wanted to share their time in Sorrento with, they never envisaged so many would want to be there with them to witness them say Si. But that’s the effect a couple as wonderful and in love as they are have on those around them.

The wedding festivities started in true Italian style at Tavern Allegra (a short walk away from the Piazza Tasso in Sorrento) with a rehearsal dinner that brought everyone together in the same room for the first time and began the celebrations in the most wonderful, energetic and grand fashion, a night I am sure that no-one in the room will ever forget. The wine flowed, the food was devoured and the roof was raised by Pepe, his team and the family and friends that had gathered singing classics such as Amore and Volare.

Picture gentleness: when times are less than easy a reassuring stream of soothing words. And respect, the essence of being a partner, each one delighting in the other.” And so the next day, under the midday sun again we gathered to see two people who had known each other for many a year, declare their love for one another and promise to always be there for one another for eternity.

The Saint Francis Cloister at the entrance to the Villa Comunale on Sorrento’s stunning seafront is an idyllic wedding location; an oasis of calm and tranquillity hidden amongst the hustle and bustle of the busy streets. The hanging vines and bougainvillea add to the grandeur and splendour of the Medieval convent gardens.  

The wedding party looked stunning in their chosen outfits; the men in sharp grey suits with rose red ties and handkerchiefs, the bridesmaids in stunning floor length black peplum dresses and the bride in an elegant, classic lace fishtail gown. Whilst the ceremony itself was led in Italian and was accompanied by a string quartet playing the familiar sounds of Jurassic Park… And no that isn’t a typo!

And look at the joys and trials of being parents, the challenge none of us is prepared for; imagine the tough, flexible fibres that nurturing a child together can create.” The Bride & Grooms daughter made the most adorable flower girl in her crisp white dress. An integral part of any family, it was lovely to see her play her own part in the big day, leading the bridal party down the isle and melting the hearts of the all who had made the journey to Italy.

And see laced around and through and everywhere diamond-twinkling filaments of laughter. These profound, priceless connections start so simply with a smile, perhaps, or admiring glance.” After exchanging vows, saying Si and signing the register the Bride & Groom exited the Cloister as Mr & Mrs, under a shower of red & white rose petals and pretty bubbles. Everyone was delighted to see the arrival of a Gelato cart which the Bride & Groom had thoughtfully organised to meet everyone before we headed to the reception. And so after an Gelato (or two in some peoples cases, and who could blame them it was about 40˚) we headed down Via Vittorio Veneto to the stunning Hotel Bellevue Syrene for the wedding breakfast.

Hidden away beneath the Hotel Bellevue Syrene is the Villa Pompeiana, a stunning terrace with amazing panoramic views of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. Taking our seats we listened to traditional speeches from the Father of the Bride who regaled everyone with stories of the Brides childhood, from the Groom who shared tales from the run up to the wedding and how he finally landed the woman of his dreams and finally from the Best Men who, in keeping with tradition, did their upmost to embarrass the Groom.

We were treated to six courses of fresh, local and beautifully presented cuisine, finished off with a traditional shot of Limoncello, sampling dishes such as filled Zucchini Flowers, local Macaroni, a perfectly grilled Beef Fillet and of course more Gelato! After eating to the point of bursting and posing for a few final photographs we all headed our separate ways to freshen up, relax and grab our party dresses for the evening reception at The Foreigners Club. 

Picture again these hundreds, thousands, of threads as long as love is; longer than life.” the evening became a more informal affair, we donned our cooler, more comfortable clothing, gathered on large tables, chatting to friends old and new and toasted the Bride & Groom once more. 

Not that we needed more food, there was plenty of pizza and salad on hand to get us through to the early hours with some traditional sweet treats there for us to enjoy too and so once more we over indulged on the wonderful Italian food placed before us. 

There was the traditional first dance and music throughout the night, along with lots of laughter and it felt as though we had only just got there when it was time to leave and head back to our hotel to reflect back upon the day. Adam & Nik may have felt overwhelmed by the number of people who wanted to be part of their day, but I felt overwhelmed at being a part of it and the amount of time and effort that they had put into ensuring that everyone had an unforgettable day.

Today a knot is being tied in the strands that Adam and Nik have started to spin out together. A love-knot. For ever.”

The poem used was used as part of the ceremony in Italy and is ‘A Love Knot’ by Frances Nagle.

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