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I don’t know about you guys but I feel as though I have hit a real funk this January and it is really starting to get on my last nerve. So I’ve decided that this year I want be more honest with you all, talk about all the things that are going on in my life right now, what I’m loving (and what I’m not)… 

I mean I still want to talk about all the fluffy stuff too, but I also really want to start talking more openly  and honest about other stuff too. Things like feeling stuck in a rut whist you’ve got a sprained foot you can’t do anything about, like how I feel that the British education system really lets young people down and generally topics that might be that bit harder for me to type about.

I fancy a challenge. 

So here’s ‘The Girl Guide’, in all honesty I haven’t decided what this series will totally entail yet, whether it will be a series of open letters or ranty style posts that might be a little more thought provoking than some of the general ‘life’ posts that you see on here.

First up is this winter funk that appear to have let myself fall into, and when I say fall, I mean completely AOT, Bambi on ice kind of fall. I feel as though I am knee deep in snow (which isn’t hard being a total short ass) and can’t get out of it.

I am one of those people who absolutely loves sharing their life online and over the years I think (read: hope) that I have opened up a little bit more to you all. I’ve spoken about my issues with body confidence and dieting but admitting that I am struggling at times, is something that still petrifies me.

This month I feel as though I have struggled with keeping on top of things more than I have in a long time. Hence I’ve been AWOL almost.

You might remember that in ‘My Commitment to 2018‘ piece, I committed to try and go meat-free on a Monday, to live more consciously and practice more self-care. In reality I think these commitments compounded my funk and made January even harder because I constantly felt as though I was failing. Real life took over, commitments took over and I didn’t feel comfortable any more. 

But thats why I have realise that my commitments to 2018 are more flexible than most because I am in control of them. Me and nobody else.

Take ‘meat-free’ Monday’s for example – yes I would love to be able to go online on a Monday evening and post a picture of my #meatfree tea, but if I’m working away, out with friends or family it isn’t always that simple. So my commitment to meat-free Monday’s has become my commitment to have one meat-free day a week. This offers me the flexibility to enjoy my commitment to 2018 around my other commitments.

January is usually my favourite time of year (because I can’t get enough of the Birthday Cake, the weekend walks and motivational pictures on the ‘gram) but this year it has become the root cause of an unclear mind and feeling overwhelmed… because this girl can’t stand the heat in the kitchen anymore and by that I mean January seemed to throw a fuck ton of weight on my shoulders.


But one thing I have managed to do is practice a little mire self-care in the form of taking time out to cook, bake and enjoy my food again. 

In Winter we all really struggle with the dark days, they leave us feeling well and truly blue don’t they? In years gone by this would see me sat on the sofa by 4.30pm with a glass of wine in one hand and a huge bar of milk chocolate in the other.

Then along came my intolerance to lactose and I said goodbye to chocolate.

Until now that is, until Indigo Herbs kindly introduced me to their Organic Chocolate Kit that is not only organic as the name suggests, but also Vegan friendly. YES, this little kit ticks all the boxes and has helped me bring a little light back into my life. 

So one gloomy Sunday afternoon I turned off my phone, fired up some music and got to work combining all of the ingredients. Within 20 minutes I had created the silkiest, smoothest mixture I had ever seen in my kitchen and an hour later I was stood holding my first ever homemade bar of chocolate.

It felt so good to have produced it myself, to know that it was packed with goodness and could potentially help me get my happy back. 

And get my happy back it did.

I guess the morale of this post is that it is OK to get overwhelmed at times, thats life it happens, but is equally as OK to take a step back and go MIA (like me) or ask for help.

But if all else fails, make up a batch of Vegan chocolate, as that will most certainly help too.

Is there anything that you always do to get yourself out of a funk? 

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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