The Best of Autumn*

I’m not the biggest fan of Autumn, but even I admit that I do like a good dose of the ol’ Pumpkin Spice, crunchy leaves under foot and cosy afternoons snuggled up with a nice hot drink and a movie or two. The one thing I struggle with in Autumn is ‘transitional’ fashion and normally I end up getting it horribly wrong.

If I’m honest I struggle all year around because as much as I want to be “fashionable” I also want to be comfortable AF and you know this girl hasn’t got time for faffy outfits and all the accessories under the sun.

I like to keep it simple.

Autumn is the one time of year guaranteed to make getting dressed a chore in itself … one minute it can be gorgeous and bright and the next it can look as though I need an ark to get me to the office as opposed to a car.

In Summer I love to get my legs out, even though they are my least favourite body part and despite not being the girliest of girls on the planet I absolutely adore wearing pretty dresses and skirts when the weather is kind enough to allow it.

So when it comes to getting ready in Autumn one minute I can be reaching for the floaty dresses and abandoning them in the floordrobe the next (everyone has a floordrobe right?) … Autumn weather can be so cruel.

But there are some parts of Autumn fashion that I adore …


COLD SHOULDERS DRESSES … One way that I take Summer fashion with me is by wearing these cutie pies throughout September & October. I love a good cold shoulder dress like this one here from Tobi (I have another from Superdry too that I wore in this post here), especially if they’re in a light and floaty material because they add that little extra bit of cover up that you need on the cooler Autumnal days, but still let you feel uber girlie and a little bit boho too.

ALL THE KNITS … I am a massive jumper fan and so far this Autumn I have added several new ones to my collection. In recent years Superdry has been my go to store for good quality knitwear but lately I have found some great ones on ASOS, & Other Stories and also this gorgeous one from Tobi too (seen above). When it is cold and mean outside there is nothing nicer than putting on a nice knitted jumper, keeping warm and feeling all wrapped up.

LAYER IT UP … This is such a great way to take your favourite Summer pieces into Autumn with you. Take this gorgeous white shift dress from Tobi (which coincidentally ended up in the floordrobe at the weekend when the weather looked as though it was about to do a sneaky u-turn) … There is absolutely no needs to leave this behind just because its a little Summery. Teamed with a pair of leather look leggings (I have my eye on these from ASOS) and some statement boots like these ASOS Cianna ones and you can wear those short shift dresses all year round!

I guess in reality there are bits of Autumn that I love and bits that I really don’t … just like the other seasons I guess, which just means I best pull on my favourite knit and make the most of the season before Winter hits the UK.

What are your best of Autumn wardrobe (or floordrobe) staples?
Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


Some of these items may have been sent to me for review. Please see my disclaimer for more information.
*This post has been written in collaboration with Tobi, all thoughts and words are my own.