The #BigBloggerExpo 2016

One thing that I have come to realise as a blogger, is that in order to build my profile and following in this heavily saturated little industry I need to step outside of my comfort zone. A few weeks ago I took a massive step outside of this, 200 miles outside of it to be exact.

It seems like an age ago now that I jumped out of bed early one Sunday morning, put on my fabulous new Superdry dress and headed off to the train station to make my journey to the capital and to be honest that morning I couldn’t help but keep asking myself what the hell I was doing!

But what I was doing was embracing being adventurous, afteral I had no idea where I was going, who I would be meeting or how it would go. 

I arrived in London shortly before lunch after what felt like the world’s longest train journey and headed straight into the Underground and to Piccadilly Circus as I had a few hours to kill before the event itself and decided to kill a little time strolling down Regents Street.

The sun definitely had it’s hat on and I worked up quite an appetite as I worked my way to Bond Street Station to get my tube to Regents Park where I had a few quiet moments with a Sushi tray from Itsu before plucking up the courage to go to the Danubius Hotel to meet my fellow bloggers and some amazing brands.

Now apologies that the photos are few and far between, I was clearly petrified on arrival and many of the photos are blurry from me shaking like a leaf. 

There were several brands that I knew would be there and was very excited to be meeting (Borough Box kept me fueled up with Jerk, Chilli Honey & Primal Pantry bar samples. Jewellery Box had me cooing over all things shiny and pretty and Jody Bell, need I say anything else), there were some brands I didn’t know would be there (Living Proof you absolute babes) and some that I didn’t really know much about (Dr Paw Paw, Westlab and Two : Three).

The afternoon flew by and I managed to cram in a manicure with the lovely ladies from Return to Glory, a shoot with the amazing Lara Blake Photography in the most stunning Jody Bell dress and a consultation with the girls at Juvadent.

After a quick glass of Prosecco in the hotel bar with the girls from LDN Meetup and a couple of the blogger girlies I had met that day there was just enough time to jump in an Uber, grab a Leon and jump on the  train back to Yorkshire.

I had a wonderful time in London and it really made me appreciate how wonderful our capital city is, I can’t wait to organise my next little trip now!

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