The Body Shop British Rose Collection

A few weeks ago I was invited down to The Body Shop in Leeds to celebrate the launch of their British Rose collection and of course I came home with a few pieces from the range to try out…

… This year The Body Shop is celebrating 40 years on the High Street. Starting out in Brighton back in 1976, they now have over 3000 stores worldwide, so understandably they want to celebrate in style this year. 

A large part of these celebrations is the launch of the new British Rose collection, a product that is made 100% in the UK. 

The new range features nine products ranging from their infamous Body Butter to a breathtaking Eye & Cheek Palette and I was lucky enough to be invited into their Leeds store to find out a little more about it (and I may have also tried out some of their spa and makeup products out too but that’s a whole other story). 

Rose is one of those scents I’ve always struggled with, whilst I adore the scent of fresh roses in the garden and in the house, when it comes to cosmetics I always find it a little bit old fashioned.

However, this range from The Body Shop is far from old fashioned and it wouldn’t look out of place in the most modern of bathrooms (even though it would probably be cleverly concealed in a modern bathroom) and the scent is light & fresh with plenty of staying power.

I picked out three products to bring home with me to try out (and also received a fourth in my gift box from The Body Shop); Shower Gel, Body Butter & Exfoliating Soap. One thing that instantly stands out is the bright, fuchsia pink colour of the products as does the luxurious feel of them too. Some shower gels can be a little watery in their consistency, however, this one is definitely a gel formula and it lathers incredibly well, leaving you with silky soft skin in minutes.

The Exfoliating Soap bar is just as soapy as the Shower Gel when you use it and you can feel it gently exfoliating as you do. The addition of the rose petals to the bar makes this super cute too and I really look forward to using this on a night as part of my holiday skin prep at the moment. 

I am a huge fan of The Body Shop Body Butter anyway, although I tend to opt for the sweeter scented options such as Coconut (holiday in a tub) and Shea Butter (spa central) as opposed to the fruity or floral ones. This may not make me turn my back on my favourites, but the light scent may encourage me to try a few more options out in future. It soaks into the skin quickly and easily, leaving behind a silky soft and glowing skin.

Finally, I was luck enough to also walk away with the British Rose Hand Cream which may just be my new favourite. I often find that many hand creams are too greasy, too heavily fragranced and therefore a little unpleasant to use, however, this one isn’t greasy, absorbs quickly and has a light fragrance that is subtle enough to be just there.

Overall (as you might be able to guess) I have pretty much fallen head over heels for these products, they look gorgeous, smell beautiful and work. What more could a girl ask for? 

Have you picked up the any of the British Rose collection yet?

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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