The Boyfriend Tag

As Paul and I have spent the last week away together for what feels like the first time in ages, I thought we would do something a little fun and different on HarmonyBlaze this morning, ‘The Boyfriend Tag!

So here we go, 10 little questions and let’s see how well Paul get’s on with them…

MOST LIKELY TO BE WATCHING Paul: Great British Bake Off or a cooking programme of some description. Me: I think that is fairly accurate if I’m honest, my iPlayer recently watched consists of GBBO, Eat Well for Less and such programmes. What can I say, I’m a foodie kind of girl!

LEAST LIKELY TO BE EATINGPaul: I think you’d try anything but I’d say Pizza purely because you can’t eat it! Me: Again that’s fairly accurate, I’ll try most things, but as much I know I shouldn’t eat Pizza, sometimes I just cannot resist. Sorry.

FAVOURITE DRINK Paul: A Martini! Me: Damn you’re good at this, it would be an Espresso Martini every time for me for sure, especially at Gusto in Leeds, those are my absolute favourite ones!

FAVOURITE SUBWAY Paul: Mango Chicken on a Flatbread but they never have it so you go for something else instead with every possible salad option and Chipotle Sauce and it all falls out everywhere! Me: Yeah that’s true, I go for a Chicken Ranch instead. I still insist Mango Chicken should be standard option though!

WOULD LOVE TO EAT ? EVERY DAYPaul: Steak. Me: I do love Steak, but if I could I would eat Coconut Macaroons every day… Oh hang on I pretty much do, so I’ll let you have Steak!

FAVOURITE SONG AT THE MOMENT  Paul: Ooo you’ve got lots, erm, I’m going to pick on though and it’s (finds The Chainsmokers feat. Daya, Don’t Let Me Down on his phone) because it gives you nightmares and it’s a good workout song or (finds Viola Beach, Boys That Sing) because it’s a good chill out song. Me: The Chainsmokers song makes me think of spin and squats, but I’d agree with Viola Beach!

ONE HABIT SHE DISLIKESPaul: Not believing you when you say ‘I was just about to’… Or farting in bed! Me: Yes! You never believe when I say I was about to do or say something, it’s so annoying! Oh and yes farting in bed is pretty annoying too (cue hysterical laughter on both parts)!

FAVOURITE CAKE  Paul: Oh, Oreo Cheesecake! You went mental for the last one that you had so… Me: That was a very confident answer! The only thing that beats Oreo Cheesecake is my boss’s Carrot Cake … That I really do go mental for!

EMMA COULD SPEND HOURS… Paul: Blog seemingly… Or procrastinating, or baking, or at the gym or both. Your perfect day would be get up, go to the gym and then bake for the rest of the day. Me: I’m happy with that. I could blog all day if I had the time. But I do love baking and working out too!

MOST UNIQUE QUALITY Paul: Ability to stare? (This is because I’ve just tried to out stare him) Erm, I don’t know, your butt because it looks nice and smells terrible! Me: Aw thank you, I love you too!

Let me know any other questions you’d like us to answer below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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