The Christmas Tag

It’s the last Saturday in December, which means it is time for the last of my Blogmas videos, sob. Tonight is a Christmas Tag video, the idea was to do 10 questions in 1o minutes, but I waffle, a lot!

I am tagging all of you that read this to do one of the following and get involved this week. You can either;

Leave a comment below answering one of the questions
Do your very own, Christmas Tag video and leave the link below
Put together a Christmas Tag blog post and leave your link below 

I’ll share any links over on Twitter too so leave your handle for a mention!

When do you start getting excited about Christmas?

Do you still have advent calendars?

What are your favourite Christmas Films? 

Do you have any funny Christmas memories? 

Talk us through your typical Christmas Day? 

What do you eat for Christmas Dinner? 

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Which are your favourite Christmas songs?

What is the best Christmas present you ever received? 

Real or fake christmas tree? 

I promise I will try and do more in the new year because I have really enjoyed doing these ones and if you have any requests or suggestions let me know below too, until tomorrow though x

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