The Epernay Escape

Nestled away inside The Electric Press, a stone’s throw from Leeds’ Millennium Square and just a short walk from the new Arena Quarter is Epernay. A bar that until now I had always associated with Champagne…

…But as I learned this week Epernay has a lot more to offer than just Mumm & Moet. They also offer Masterclasses, Bottomless Brunches, Afternoon Tea & some of the tastiest Cocktails in Leeds.

Epernay’s location in Leeds makes it the perfect location to ‘Escape the City’ whether it be for a quiet drink with the girls, a celebration or a hangover cure. 

If you’re looking for a quiet drink to escape from the madding crowds, then Epernay has got your back! Situated within The Electric Press enables Epernay to bring the outdoors indoors with their Parisian ‘Summer Terrace’ making this the perfect spot to kick back on a Saturday afternoon, preferably with a ‘Blue Grass Smash’ in hand! One of the latest cocktails to hit the Epernay menu, Blue Grass Smash brings together the herby flavourings of Zubrowka Vodka, the sweet tang of their homemade Blueberry Syrup and fresh taste of Mint in refreshing short drink.

For those occasions where you want to bring your favourite ones together to raise a glass for a birthday, success or just to life in general, the guys at Epernay have introduced an ‘Ultimate Escape the City Cocktail Masterclass’ to complement their Champagne Tasting sessions. Not only will you get exert tuition, the opportunity to enjoy a few cocktails and their delicious canapes (I can highly recommend the Smoked Salmon Bruschetta) but you can also enjoy drinks such as ‘Pink Koko’. This bright pink beauty is a real celebration drink with the refreshing taste of coconut mixed together with Raspberries and the nutty Almond edge.

Joined the hangover club and looking for brunch? Epernay are ready and waiting for you! Their new Bottomless Brunch allows you to grab a comfy seat and hide away from the world for 90 minutes and enjoy an unlimited continental brunch alongside all you can drink (selected) cocktails. Kill or cure? ‘The Morning After’ will do just the trick. Bringing together fresh Grapefruit juice (for a much needed Vitamin C boost), the refreshing taste of Portobello Road Gin and the distinctive sweetness of Apricot, The Morning After will have you back on track in no time.  

My perception of Epernay has definitely changed and after sampling some of their new Cocktails I can safely say that these guys know just as much about these as they do Champagne!

What’s your favourite Summer Cocktail? Have you ‘Escaped the City’ with Epernay?

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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