The Fitness Files | August ’17

So it’s time for a little catch up, to share a few home truths about the state of my health and fitness regime and to look back over what has actually been quite a ropey month for me in the gym. Yes it’s time to open ‘The Fitness Files’ once more and for a little honesty to come your way…

You see I’m not some big time health and fitness blogger, I do this in my spare time alongside my usual 9-5 (which is completely unrelated) because I love it. Unfortunately that means that often I don’t have as much time or knowledge to devote to myself as I’d probably like and this month has been a prime example. 

I now feel as though I’m back in the same horrible place I was in just over a year ago (I’m certainly the most out of shape I have been for a year) and this week in particular I just haven’t had the motivation to do anything about it. That being said I’ve given myself a good talking to and decided that after enjoying this weekend I am going to put myself on a ’30 Day Shred’ of sorts, go back to managing my macros and working hard in the run up the Bloggers Blog Awards.

Even though I am not expecting to win because I am up against some AMAZING ladies in my category, I still want to look my best!

THE INSPIRATIONAL INSTAGRAMMER … This month I’m giving a shout out to a girl that I totally admire, Sian Ryan aka SianLiftsWeights. If you haven’t read Sian’s inspirational story before you definitely need to head over to her blog because this girl has worked hard to get to where she is today.

She gets up at ridiculous o’clock everyday to hit the gym before work, preps like a boss and has the body of a goddess. I would love to know what I could achieve if I had even an ounce of her enthusiasm and motivation for life, the gym & being a badass. 

This girl really does rock!

THE HUNGER HERO … Porridge. But not just plain old boring porridge, oh no, I’m talking delicious creamy (Almond Milk FTW) porridge topped with JimJams spread! Since Summer has gone well and truly AWOL lately here in the UK, a nice hearty bowl of porridge really has been given me life each day! 

THE COVETED KIT … So I haven’t yet picked up the gloves and leggings that I mentioned last month (who even am I) but I have added this gorgeous Puma tee to my collection because, well, it has a bronze/ copper puma on the front and it’s ultra slimming being black. Why wouldn’t I add it tom my wardrobe?

In all seriousness though, this is totally unlike anything that I would usually workout in because its so baggy which normally makes me look a little shapeless and heavier. But it is the most comfortable thing I think I own to gym in right now and it will be making frequent Insta appearances for sure!

YOU GOT TO MOVE IT … So aside from my missing mojo this week, I have been loving hitting the weights lately. Would you be interested in seeing a who feature on how I’ve been breaking down my sessions in the gym lately?

I’ve been concentrating on getting strong as opposed to skinny which has made a whole load of difference and I’m even mixing it up with the big boys in the weights area these days. It’s actually quite funny when you can do a little more than the boys next to you (they may be about 16 but it’s still a victory)!

THIS MONTH I’M LOVING … Women who empower other women. 

Maybe its nature, maybe its nurture, I don’t know. But there seems to be something very deep rooted that causes us, particularly women, to be rather bitchy in life. Why do we care if that girl we haven’t seen in a year seems to have put on a few pounds in her latest Insta shot? It could just be an unflattering angle, it could be that she has other things going on in her life right now or it could just be that she is happy with her looks…

I’m through with all the bitching, sniping and bullshit on my timeline. Those things that you say about other people actually say more about you than they do about the person you are talking about.

That is why I’m filling my fees with people who empower other people, who champion each other and who celebrate the successes of other no matter how small they are!

How have you got on this month? Have you set any new goals? 

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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