The Fitness Files | July ’17

I don’t want to start this post with the old cliche that is ‘how is it the end of another month already’, but, this month has flown by so fast that I didn’t actually realise it was already the end of the month! So I thought we best have a catch up.

In June Paul and I booked ourselves a pretty last minute break to Rhodes which totally threw all routine out of the window in favour of holiday preparation and the first part if this month was spent lifting myself out of the pool as opposed to weights.  That said, I have actually ended up enjoying my month when it comes to all things fitness and here’s why;

THE INSPIRATIONAL INSTAGRAMMER … I guess this month this spot has to go to the amazing GraceFitUK. Grace’s account has no theme, it has no boundaries and it is always inspiring, her passion and enthusiasm for fitness is infectious. This month I have started following one of her guides in an attempt to get my mojo back in the gym and it is definitely working so far. 

I’m not aiming to look like Grace (although who wouldn’t want to), I’m aiming to look like a fitter, healthier version of myself. Lifting weights, right now, makes me feel so much better than sitting on a bike for 45 minutes going nowhere. 

Two weeks down, six to go. Join me on Instagram to follow my #GFG progress.

THE HUNGER HERO … My hunger hero this month has to be Popchips and dip. Honestly, I’m hooked guys and gals! Personally I only really like either the plain Sea Salt or the Cracked Black Pepper ones (I tried the Smoky Bacon ones because, well, bacon and I wasn’t overly impressed) and tend to either make my homemade garlic dip or Morrisons do an amazing Sun-dried Tomato Hummus. 

THE COVETED KIT … Sound the alarm because this month I haven’t bought or invested in any new kit. Yes you read that right, I haven’t been gracing the tills at DW with my hard earned cash this month! But don’t panic guys because I already have my eye on these Nike Training Gloves and these Training Leggings. The gloves I genuinely need because my current pair have been patched up more than Triggers infamous broom, however, the leggings are a complete lust because they match the Bra I already have!

And I love a good gym co-ord.

YOU GOT TO MOVE IT … As I mentioned above, I am starting to get back into lifting weights a lot more at the moment and I am thoroughly enjoying it too. I love the ‘burn’ that you feel whilst you workout, the one that remains for the next few hours (or days when you have let yourself go a little like I did on holiday) and I also love the sense of accomplishment when you successfully challenge yourself to go heavier.

There are some huge misconceptions about girls lifting and I for one would like to break them!

THIS MONTH I’M LOVING … At the risk of repeating myself I have to say eating (and yes I know I said that last month too). I started my ‘booty building’ mission a few weeks ago now and after a few days of lifting heavier more consistently, I started to feel the effects of doing that on a fat loss deficit.

So I recalculated my BMR based upon a muscle gain goal and increased my daily intake. The result? I feel better, happier, stronger and I haven’t gained an ounce. A lot can be said for working in a deficit, it definitely works when you’re looking for fat loss (and is definitely something I will go back to doing in cycles) but your body needs fuel so if you feel like you need more, you possibly do.

How has your month been when it comes to working out and staying motivated? 

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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