The Fitness Files | June ’17

This post may be a day late, but today it is finally time for my monthly roundup of all things fitness related and it is time to dive head first into The Fitness Files to find out what I have been loving this month!

You may have noticed that ‘The Fitness Files’ went awol in May and if you follow me on social media (if not why not, I’m a hoot) you will know that I got a nasty bout of food poisoning after the Leeds Half Marathon which set me back a few weeks so June has been all about recovery!

THE INSPIRATIONAL INSTAGRAMMER … Last month we had Em Shel and this month I am giving a shout out to the fabulous Em Clarkson. Not a fitness Instagrammer (although this girl can swim, cycle & run like a total boss babe) but non the less one that inspires, motivates and gives me a good ol’ kick up the behind to be a better me. Her posts are witty, honest & straight to the god-damn point. 

Oh and if you like her Insta, her book is out v. v. soon!

THE HUNGER HERO … I have just discovered the Yushoi Snapea Rice Stick snacks and I have to say they are absolutely delicious and so light too. These little beauties are packed with protein thanks to the green pea content and are Gluten and MSG free too. Nom.

THE COVETED KIT … I have had my eye on this Classic Nike Bra for months now and I love it because it has all the old school Lotus F1 vibes I could want in a top. Next up I want to add the leggings to the collection because a gir has to match right?

YOU GOT TO MOVE IT … Yesterday (hence the late post because I was seriously unprepared) I took part in a triathalon inspired team event at work, swimming, cycling & walking to raise money for Mind in the process. Not only did it enable me to continue to build my strength in the pool, but it also made me remember just how much fun cycling was. 

Our route wasn’t too taxing and the towpaths provided not only a lovely backdrop, but a lot of giggles too!

THIS MONTH I’M LOVING … Eating! It sounds daft, but after a fair few weeks of only being able to eat plain foods, I am very much enjoying having my appetite back again. My favourite meal of the moment? Other than anything barbecued, a nice grilled chicken skewer with halloumi and a flat bun. Simple, effective and pretty darn tasty too.

How has your month been when it comes to working out and staying motivated? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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