The Fitness Files | September ’17

I’m writing this with a headful of regret. Last night I headed out with my work mates for a ‘few’ drinks and a curry after work and well lets just say that those few turned into plenty and then shapes were thrown on the dance floor …

And although I started writing this post yesterday my mind, body and soul was aching so much that I abandoned it! So now it’s Saturday morning, I have an iced coffee on the go and I’m currently wondering what I’m going to do about the extra head I am currently sporting.

Thanks for that one skin!

This month started off really well and I managed to finally see a little progress both aesthetically and on the scales, but then I got ill (again) and I put ‘shredding’ on the back burner. I’ve had vertigo for almost two weeks now and its effecting both my cardio and weights based training sessions. I’m not staying sedentary though and doing what I can, when I can but not pushing myself. 

Today is the #BloggerBlogAwards 2017 and I am determined to have a good afternoon with everyone, however, I’m consciously not going to go wild and reign myself in a little. Alcohol definitely makes my vertigo worse so that is the main reason, another reason is because I currently feel so ‘delicate’ from last night and another is because it is the first time I have been shortlisted for anything like this and I want to make sure I remember it!

So this month hasn’t been the most successful in terms of physical progress, but I think mentally I’ve come on leaps and bounds. As much as a bummer being unwell is, it isn’t the end of the world and I’ve finally learnt to accept that I just need to give my body time to heal itself. 

THE INSPIRATIONAL INSTAGRAMMER … A girl I have crushed on for a while now (in a totally non-creepy way) is the gorgeous Laura aka @laurasfitloves and her fitness journey. Her booty is total goals and her whole approach to keeping fit, healthy & active is so inspiring.

Be sure to go give her a follow! 

THE HUNGER HERO … Chicken wraps! Right now I have a thing for the Warburtons Newburn Bakehouse Protein Wraps, especially when they’re filled with rocket, tomatoes, chicken and chipotle mayonnaise!

They make a great lunchtime treat when I’m not in the mood for Chicken & Veggies!!!

THE COVETED KIT … This month I have rekindled my love affair with all things Reebok, with additions made in the trainers and leggings departments! These Lilac Grey trainers are possibly the comfiest I own (I’d forgotten how amazing the classics were in terms of comfort) and my new leggings (similar ones here) are so flattering its unreal!

YOU GOT TO MOVE IT … A quick heads up guys, those gorgeous people at Vlique are heading North this October & I for one cannot wait for them to ‘pop-up’ in Leeds for their #TrinityonVlique launch event. I’m going to be telling you a lot more about Vlique shortly but for now if you are in or around Leeds make sure you visit Vlique to register for their event…

THIS MONTH I’M LOVING … Resistance bands! I know, I know I get weirder and weirder right? But I have discovered the beauty of resistance bands this month and now I am never in the gym without one (or several). RBs play a big part in my routine these days, I use them for activation and also for strength sessions if I can’t make it to the gym.

I picked mine up from Argos so they’re super easy to come by too. No excuses.

How have you got on this month?
Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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