Things Blogging has Taught Me

When I started HarmonyBlaze back in October 2014, I could never have imagined the opportunities and places it would end up taking me in a relatively short space of time.

But back when I started this site I had little (OK no idea) what I was doing, what I wanted to do or anything and I spent quite a lot of time at the start bumbling along, watching what others did and emulating them without imitating them.

But what has blogging taught me?

Blogging has taught me that if you want to make a success of something in life you need to commit to it. Until I started HarmonyBlaze I had no idea of how much time and effort went into creating one little blogpost. Aside from the writing of said post (and lets face it when the block strikes that can take an age in itself) there is of course the taking of photos, the editing and not forgetting the scheduling of all of those nice social media messages so that people actually get to see it!

In years gone by I could regularly be found in bed at gone 10am on a Saturday, lie ins were my thing, but these days I’m at the kitchen table by 8.30am on a weekend, with the laptop, tapping away. 

I have learnt that you need to be incredibly self driven, that you need to enjoy what you are doing and that you need to be happy with what you are putting out there. I have learnt that it is ok to say no to content that is unsuitable or to companies that want you to work for exposure (aka free) if it doesn’t suit your brand. I have learnt that blogging certainly isn’t always champagne and canapés and that it can be incredibly bitchy at times but that the blood, sweat and tears are all worthwhile when you get to meet people that you admire, make new friends and doors are opened ahead of you.

What have I become?

I have become incredibly motivated to succeed, not just at blogging (but hell that’d be nice wouldn’t it) but at life in general. I want to have a successful career doing something that I love and enjoy, I want to be a good friend, an amazing girlfriend and a wonderful daughter. I want to make people around me proud of what I have done and what I have achieved.

But the biggest thing I have learnt from blogging is that blogging is something that you should only ever do because you want to. It should never feel like a chore and on those days you will notice that I disappear a little, that I take a step back, get outdoors, go read or even just curl up and watch TV. Blogging isn’t just about the gifts, the collaborations and the events (although they’re all nice advantages I will admit) but its about sharing experiences, knowledge and opportunities with other people and that’s something I think all bloggers should remember.

What is the biggest life lesson you have learnt? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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