Treading Bullsh*t


In a change to tonights scheduled post I wanted to bring you one fresh from the cutting room floor so to speak and one that you may have been expecting if you follow me on Twitter…

You see over the past few weeks I have had a real penny drop moment regarding our little blogging community, a moment of divine intervention if you will and well it really rather pissed me off a little bit when it happened.

I, like so many others out there, blog part-time. I make a little money from it every now and again, I get invited to nice events and receive gifts etc. but it doesn’t pay the bills for me which is why I also have a fairly normal 9-5 as well.

However, I love this little corner of the internet I can call my own (I own it, its mine and I can do what I want with it) and I am so proud of how far it has come in under 3 years since I first sat in my hotel room Dolgellau and penned the first post for Harmony Blaze. But sometimes I find myself frustrated by progress, or maybe its by the lack of it, and then when I see others ‘cheating’ the system, it really grinds my gears.

Cheats are one thing that I would love to put in Room 101.

Lately though (lets get this post back on track) I have noticed that someone I have come to respect over the years appears to full of crap when it comes to their blog. They call others out on their behaviour online, when seemingly they are no better. 

So maybe they don’t ‘buy’ followers on social media or play the follow unfollow game, but what they appear to do is over inflate their statistics in order to further themselves, to gain competitive advantage and I cannot help feel that they also do this to intimidate other bloggers around them too. After getting a little suspicious that their claims were a little too audacious given their online activity I took to Alexa to see if they were as good as the claimed.

And whilst some of what they claimed appeared to be true, some wasn’t and that infuriated me a little. Why? Because I respected them, I thought that they were better than that and I actually liked them. I thought I was a better judge of character.

I’m not here to name names, that’s not why I’m writing this because I want to spread the word that bullshit bloggers do exist, that there are some dishonest people out there who will happily tread on your toes to get to the top, but that not everyone is like that. There also some real gems out there too.

In blogging I have discovered that you have to tread through a lot of bullshit, but sometimes treading bullshit is what motivates you to work harder. I have come back from my break away full of energy, with so many ideas and a new motivation.

To show those who thrive on the ‘over exaggerated’ truths (I hate the word lie) they spread what a little hard work and determination can do.

Have you ever felt as though you are treading bullshit? 

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you soon, until then though xxx


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