What Gets Me Through a Workout?

It takes a lot to get through your average day doesn’t it? You need to eat the right things to avoid those mid-afternoon slumps at your desk, have those sneaky ways to perk yourself up mid-afternoon (I’m talking about coffee people before you say anything) and that carrot on the end of the stick that is the weekend. But what about in the gym?

Being a girl guide growing up, I am always prepared. I always take a banana to work with me and tend to have this about an hour before I get to gym – thanks to the evening commute to the gym from the office I know that it isn’t always possible so I normally have mine just before I leave. Bananas are a great source of energy, they’re brilliant if you suffer from cramping during or after your workouts thanks to their high potassium content, they’re low in calories, high in fibre and if like me you can’t have dairy, they’re great for keeping your bones healthy & strong!

I always start off my workout with a stretch session, nothing too time consuming, but just enough to wake my muscles up after a day behind my desk before I hit the treadmill. I also try to match my music to whatever I am doing – warm up and cool down sessions are usually accompanied by ‘Laid Back Beats’, Cardio sessions by fast paced dance music and Weight sessions by something with a good pace beat. I few tracks I am loving at the moment are Lost Frequencies Are you with Me during warm ups, Fetty Wap Trap Queen is a great squat track and Lunchmoney Lewis Bills is fab to run along to!

I‘m a creature of habit and so after warming up and doing a my main HITT cardio for the day, most days I will go and take in a class and I think this is what keeps me interested most of the time because yes you go in there knowing what to expect, but you don’t know what you will be doing. Classes are a great way to get a bit of variety into your routine and try something new and who knows you might just enjoy it too!

After working my butt off one of the first things I do post workout is rehydrate! Coconut water is an amazing thirst quencher, it’s natural so there are no hidden nasties undoing your good work, it has all those great electrolytes in there that your body is craving to help it get over that amazing workout you have just had and it tastes so refreshing as well. As well as rehydrating my body I also make sure I refuel it post workout too, taking on board either some chicken or fish served up with fresh vegetables such as Courgette, Asparagus & Spinach.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet in addition to leading an active lifestyle will always help you get the results you are looking for. There is no hard and fast rule to follow when it comes to getting through a workout unscathed, its about finding what works for you and that might not be having a pre-workout banana or listening to the latest Top 10 on your iPhone as you put the pedal down. If you want to listen to music from the 80s and 90s do it, if you feel that having a pre-workout drink (if you’re in the US ETB do some fantastic ones using ingredients only sourced in the US, UK readers I would recommend ON Pre+ at Holland & Barrett if you need a bit of a kickstart) is what works for you have one. What we don in the run up to our workouts can really effect the results we get, there’s no point having your SUnday dinner and then trying to run a marathon is there?!

At the end of the day, it’s a big commitment to stay fit and healthy, it takes time, effort & will power and do whatever you can to make the experience more enjoyable. Have a goal and a reward in sight. I know my Peanut Butter Pop Tarts are waiting for me!

What do you do to get you through your workouts? I’d really like to hear your thoughts below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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