What I Eat in a Day – Low Carb Day

Those of you out there that follow me on Twitter (and if you don’t you should be – I’m a hoot) will have seen a recent poll where I asked what you wanted to see from me and this post came out on top by far.

Goats Cheese Omelette & Beanies Coffee – 10.8F – 17.3C – 22.9P – 270Cals 

Turkey Bacon, Chicken Italia Sausages, Cashew Nuts & Green Veg – 13.1F – 12.1C – 52.9P – 385Cals

Proats – 4.4F – 25.9C – 32.3P – 283Cals

Steak Hache & Vegetables – 5.4F – 44.8C – 45.2P – 414Cals

Almost four weeks ago now I started working with the girls at Nalu Active to get in shape for my holiday in September. I’ll go into this in more detail at the weekend but as I said you guys seem really interested in what I eat so I thought I would share with you a (almost) typical low carb day.

Regardless of whether or not I am on a ‘low’ or ‘high’ carb day, I start each morning with a glass of lemon infused water and a cup of my favourite Beanies coffee. I always keep a bottle of cold water in the fridge as it is so important to stay hydrated to keep your body firing on all cylinders.

On a weekend my breakfast tends to be an Omelette as it’s the only time that I get chance to make them! This is one of my favourites and is simply; 4 Eggs (4 Whites, 1 Yolk), Goats Cheese, Spinach & Sundried Tomatoes. It goes down perfectly with a nice cup of Green Tea, which incidentally I drink by the bucket load!

This is one of my favourite lunches and is again one I only enjoy at weekends because I can spend a little time preparing it. Heck Chicken Sausages are my BAE’s (yes I went there) and Turkey Bacon isn’t far behind. Simply grilled off and served with green veggies and a handful of cashew nuts. During the day I only drink herbal tea’s or water because my skin hasn’t got time for sugary drinks and neither does my waistline! 

Post training, instead of your standard Protein shake, I grab my Breville Blend Active and mix up a bowl of Proats to enjoy. At the moment I am using the Soy Protein Isolate from My Protein & the My Protein FlavDrops too. I find that normal Whey Protein is too heavy for me and makes me feel really bloated and heavy which isn’t what I want (or need) at all. You can buy the My Protein powders unflavoured too which is really useful for things like smoothies and Proats as you just add a few FlavDrops to the mix to taste.

Finally on a Low Carb day I usually finish off the day with a hearty meal of meat, veggies and nuts. However on this day I’d run out of nuts and ended up adding a little pitta bread into the mix instead! We get all of our meat from Muscle Food as the quality is not only amazing, but the hampers last us about 6 weeks too which is great value. This is one of their Dragon Fire Hache Steaks (although I only had a portion of this not the whole thing) and as scary as they sound they’re delicious. 

If I feel the need to snack, which let’s face it most of the time I do, I reach for things such as Eggs, Nuts and of course Protein shakes but on a weekend I don’t feel that I need as much because I’m not sat at my desk for 8 hours straight!

I really hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts below, including any other requests you have and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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