What’s in My Gym Bag

We all know that our handbags are stuffed full to bursting with makeup, emergency supplies, endless receipts and maybe occasionally some money, but what about our gym bags? In comparison to my handbag, my backpack is an organised oasis of calm and here is what you will find stowed away in there alongside my kit…

Most importantly I always have a shaker in my bag so that I can keep hydrated a the gym and these little mini’s from Optimum Nutrition are my favourites and I have a couple so that I can always have one in my bag.

Now I don’t have athletes foot at the moment but I have been a little prone to it in the past, especially when I’m going through a running phase and so I’m trying the prevention s better than cure method by giving my tootsies a spritz of Daktarin before every workout. Normally there would also be a deodorant in my bag as well (it’s vanished) because no one wants to be a total sweaty betty in the gym!

I‘ve started to try and get into the habit of using my resistance band when I’m squatting because I am very aware that sometimes my knees can slightly come inwards and using this just makes me a bit more mindful of what my knobbly knees are doing whilst I’m getting my squat on!

When I did my half marathon last year I searched high and low for an armband for my iPhone 5s so that I could have my music on & monitor my time as I ran. This Adidas one is actually for a 5 which I didn’t think about at the time but the headphone jack is in a different place so I had to cut a hole in the bottom, but it’s a great band, very soft and comfortable & I always use it in the gym.

Sticking with the phone topic – my EE power bar is possibly one of the best reasons to be an EE customer! I think you can buy them if you’re not on EE, but if you are you get this beauty for free and I simply throw it in my bag incase my phone needs a little more juice pre or post workout as I hate having no charge when I’m out and about!

The padlock is a necessity being a Pure Gym member and well what more can you say about a padlock?!

I do try make sure that I always have a snack about an hour before I workout for a bit of an energy boost but if I forget I reach for my magic Lucozade jelly beans. They’re very good for a little pick me up but I wouldn’t recommend having them all the time as they are of course very sugary.

Finally I always have my little tub of Body Shop Body Butter in my bag for two reasons – it smells amazing and sometimes when you’ve been working hard you just need to give your skin a little TLC before you head home.

So there you have it, a quick look at what is in my gym bag. What do you carry in your gym bag? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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