What’s on my iPhone?

It’s amazing how much we rely on mobile technology these days and to be honest it wasn’t until I came to move from my good old iPhone 5S to the 6S that I really realised  how much of life is in this little hand held device and how much I rely on it everyday…

With this in mind I thought I would share with you my top ten most used apps (excluding the necessities such as the music, camera, phone and messaging functions), what I use them for and why I like them!

Twitter – I am always on Twitter, so if you ever fancy a chat just drop me a message @HarmonyBlaze_UK! I mainly use the app for blog chats, advertising and following some of my favourite bloggers but I also use it for things like traffic and news updates too when I’m out and about!

Hay Day – My guilty pleasure because sometimes you just need to switch off and indulge in a little gaming!

Facebook – I’m quite surprised this is in my top 10 as I don’t feel as though I go on here that much and when I do it is more for my blog than anything else as it has become quite moany lately and people will share anything…

Instagram – I love flicking through Instagram for motivation and inspiration although I am on Pinterest more and more too for the same reason. I post daily (normally at silly AM while I’m on the bike), drop me a follow @harmonyBlazeBlog

Safari – Because I love to surf the web and to be honest I’m too lazy to put Chrome on my phone!

YouTube – I’ve made a few videos (they’re awful but you can watch them if you like), but to be honest I only use this to watch my favourite bloggers on my lunch breaks. I used to find the app a little awkward to use but the new update is much ,more user friendly!

My Fitness Pal – Possibly one of the best free apps I have ever used and an ingenious idea! I don’t use this all the time but I tend to dig it back out whenever I feel that I need to watch my calorie / macro intake. At the moment I am trying hard to get back to my pre-holiday weight and shape so using it for all my meals and find the scanner so useful when I’m shopping to see the nutritional content of certain foods. If you use it too leave your username below and I’ll drop you a follow.

Mail – I have both my personal and blog emails on my phone and connect to them through the standard mail app, it’s nothing exciting and does the job. Although I do try to keep on top of my emails, sometimes it can be a little hard work when I’m at work!

IMDB – The best app for settling arguments! The Internet Movie Database has been around for years and if you ever sit in front of the TV wondering ‘what has he been in?’ then you need this app in your life!

Bloglovin’ – Unsurprisingly this is one of the most used apps on my phone (although I prefer to read blogs on the laptop if I can), sometimes I find it a little awkward and a bit glitchy but it’s good for catching up on the go.

So there you have it my most used apps, what are yours? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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