When Busyness Strikes

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who is feeling overwhelmed at the present moment.

With Summer just around corner, it feels as though someone has pressed the fast-forward button on the remote of life after the longest Winter on record.

Personally life is pretty exciting right now – my work life is hitting new levels of busyness every day, my social life is banging (I can count events & lectures as a social life right) and some days there just doesn’t feel as though there are enough hours in the day to get by on! Taking a day off right now seems like more hassle than it is worth!

So what should you do when busyness strikes?

Of course you could panic, stress and get nothing done (guilty as charged) but alternatively you could use a proven strategy for getting shiz done … my busyness survival strategy looks a little like this;


TAKE FIVE –  When we start to stress and panic, our breathing tends to become irregular, heightening those feelings even more. So when busyness strikes it is important to take 5 or 10 minutes out to focus on breathing and regain control of the situation.

One thing I make sure to do when busyness strikes is go back to basics and make sure that I am nailing my morning routine everyday as great mornings equal great days. I cover this in more detail in my FREE MORNING GUIDE download which you can find here.

PRIORITISE – This is where the Project Manager in me takes over. We have to learn to accept that we can’t deliver everything that people want, all of the time and prioritising tasks is a big part or surviving busyness. So make a list of EVERYTHING you want to get done today / this week / this month and prioritise your tasks using the MoSCoW acronym;

M = Must do aka critical tasks

S = Should do aka important tasks

C = Could do aka nice to do tasks

W = Won’t do aka unimportant tasks

There are many posts out there on the MoSCoW method but be sure to drop me a comment if you’d like to see a post on it!


RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS – The wonderful Victoria of Apartment No4 wrote a great piece on how to raise your vibrations and I suggest you take note of her advice when busyness strikes, because lets face it you are so much more productive when you take care of yourself.

Often taking care of yourself and being ‘self-indulgent’ is viewed as narcissistic or selfish, but a well rested and correctly fuelled version of yourself is going to have a better, more positive energy around it than one that is tired and malnourished.

If you really feel as though you can commit time to a full self-care routine, at the ver least take time out to get some fresh air, eat well and move as much a little.


CRACK ON – OK is that a northern term? I’m not sure but when you’re busy, you’ve just to get on with it … close that WhatsApp tab you have open on your laptop, put your phone in another room and fire up your favourite Spotify playlist.

Make a note when you’re at your most productive and exploit that period of day – personally I’m more productive in an afternoon, so I tend to get ‘little’ jobs done in a morning (things like putting a wash on, sorting through emails) and then by the time it get’s to the afternoon I can focus on bigger tasks such as writing or studying!

Although I think the most important thing to do when busyness strikes is accept that you can’t please 100% of people 100% of the time and that is OK, you can carry less important tasks over to next week or next month or delegate some if you can.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.


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