Where I Find Inspiration

On those rare occasions that I open up to people that I know about my blog one thing that I usually get asked is where do I get my content ideas from. Creating content is one of my favourite parts of blogging and I get ideas from everywhere…

…from everyday life, to the things I’d love to have in my life and the things I love that are in my life I write about them all.

At the end of each month I sit down with my diary (or in future my awesome blogger journal from Paperchase, more on that another time) and plan out my content for the month ahead. As those regular HB readers out there will know, each month is made up of a mixture of regular features and a mixture of news, views and reviews. 

But where do I find my post inspiration? 

LIFE | I guess this is the most obvious place to get inspiration and it does tend to be the one I use the most. Life always provides great inspiration; daily routines, latest hauls and recipes are just some of the areas you can write about. Personally I love reading Hannah Gale’s ‘Dear Diary‘ posts, the style is so open and honest!

READING | Which brings nicely me onto my next source of inspiration, reading. Now first of there is a big difference between reading an article or blog post and gaining inspiration from it and outright ripping it off. For a start one is acceptable and one isn’t. But reading always inspires me, whether it triggers an internal debate off in my head, makes me want to try something different or buy something and in turn this sparks my creative side. 

SURFING | I take a little time everyday (even if it is just 5-10 minutes) to get online and have a look at the latest trends, what other people are doing and what is going on in the real world. Checking out what is going on away from my own life can help distract my brain a little and give it chance to come up with new ideas.

EXPLORING | I was initially going to say travelling but you often don’t need to travel far to go exploring. I love going somewhere familiar and looking at it with fresh eyes, trying that new coffee shop out or spending the day at the park can often lead to some great posts whether they’re reviews or diary style posts about the day.

I guess what I am trying to say really is that I get inspiration from everything in life; from the humdrum of daily life to travelling the world, everything I do is bloggable in some way shape or form and I really do love that you guys always stick by me.

How about you? Where do you find your blogging inspiration?

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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