Why Europe Satisfies My Travel Bug

As a child, the furthest I ever travelled was to the island of Majorca. Back then that felt like a world away, I can remember flying back over Barcelona during the closing ceremony of the 1992 Olympics and watching the fireworks down below.

To me those holidays were everything.

However, despite being fascinated by travel I never really developed the travel bug until my 30’s. I mean yes, I have always lived for my holidays, my two weeks in the sun, but I haven’t really ever been one for jetting off on a whim. Until now.

Over the last 18-months, I have realised just how lucky I am to live in a country that is so close to so many others and I think that this is just one of the many reasons why at the moment European travel satisfies my ‘itch’ at the moment.

But there are so many more reasons why Europe could be the cure for your travel bug too… 

The opportunities are endless … I mean there are so many countries on your doorstep! Recently Mr D & were reminiscing about our city break to Porto last year and he commented on how we managed to get to Porto in the same amount of time it used to take him to drive to Newcastle when he worked there.

Crazy right?

Our Porto trips (yes we loved it that much we’ve been twice so far) have both been over weekends and have required next to no holiday to be taken at work … in fact we could have taken none at all but we fancied a longer break.

This year I want to try and squeeze a few more city breaks in with Amsterdam and Barcelona high on the list (and maybe Lisbon too if I get chance)!

Europe is so accessible … Growing up in Leeds, I’m lucky that I have always had a good network of airports around me. Making Europe super accessible all year round. Even ‘Indulgent Escapes‘ are easily accessible these days thanks to Jet2Holidays and their great range of holidays.

Another European break that Mr D and I have been on in the last 18-months was to Gran Canaria last December. We wanted a complete break away from the hustle of daily-life and we found this at the Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort, just one of the many hand-picked locations with Jet2Holidays Indulgent Escapes collection.

It takes less time for us to fly to Gran Canaria, than it does to drive to the West Highlands … and it’s a lot warmer there too (but I do love the West Highlands for other reasons).

It’s all so amazing … The food, the sights, the sounds – all of these are a big part of travelling for me. I cannot get enough of Port & Cheese in Portugal, of Gyros in Greece and of course Pizza in Italy, I love walking around on an evening, taking it all in and of course sampling gelato in every country I visit in the name of research.

But aside from sampling all of the cuisine of the countries I visit, I like to take in the history too.

When I visited Sorrento a few years ago I just knew I had to visit the ancient city of Pompeii whilst I was there, in Rhodes I made sure that we visited the Acropolis before we headed home and in Cyprus Mr D made sure that we drove out to Cape Greko.

Maybe it’s because I studied the Modern World as part of my GCSE’s, but European history has always fascinated me and I always make sure that I look into what landmarks there are to go see near each destination I visit. I always try to remember that before our generation, not many others had the opportunity to see such sights so easily and so I kinda feel like I’m seeing things on behalf of those members of my family that never had the chance to too.

I only really, truly developed my travel bug back in 2016 and maybe part of why I feel that right now Europe satisfies my travel bug is that I know that over the next few years seeing Europe might not be as easy. I’ll honestly miss being part of the EU and having the freedom to travel (and for the record yes I voted and yes I was remain, so I feel as though I am allowed to be sad about the whole situation).

For the majority of my life I have definitely taken living in Europe for granted, I guess I (like many) just thought it would always be there for me and I hope it will. But I just wanted to share something that I have come to realise over the last 18-months with you all … it doesn’t matter whether you holiday just once a year or if you’re a frequent flyer just looking for your next adventure; Europe is just on your doorstep and has something on offer for everyone.

I love you Europe you boo, and I’ll see you in May.

Bring on Ibiza!

Does Europe satisfy your travel bug? Or do you prefer far-flung adventures? 

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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