Why I’m Switching Off…

Being a blogger, having a good ‘online presence’ is something that I aspire to have. I think many of us do. However, sometimes striving to achieve this can have a massive effect on our IRL presence and that’s why I’m determined to ‘switch off’ more.

It was only because Paul mentioned this to me last weekend that I started to really think about the amount of time that I spend on my phone, scrolling through Twitter, responding to WhatsApp’s and double tapping on Instagram.

In all honesty it is pretty damn ridiculous!

There is a huge amount of FOMO involved in why we are so addicted to social media channels and apps like WhatApp – we want to be the first to see the latest news from our friends, to see the highlights of their lives as soon as they share them and to be the first to congratulate them.

We always want to be the first, but what’s wrong with being last? Does it really matter?

Aside from the huge serving of FOMO, there’s the massive pangs of guilt surrounding not responding straight away. But do I really need to click like on someones latest family snap straight away to show them I care, is it important that I message an invite back the moment it flashes up on my phone or respond to a quick ‘you OK’ within seconds?

No, it isn’t.

At the weekend I spent my Saturday afternoon with friends and my phone barely left my bag, the fact I came home with a head full of memories and more than 60% battery life is testament to that. But then this morning, when I finally woke up, the first thing I did was pick up my phone and immediately rolled my eyes at the sheer number of notifications on my screen… hello emails, news alerts and Pinterest!!! Why do I start my days this way, why do I depress myself at the state of the world first thing in a morning, why do I constantly feel the need to check in with people to let them know I’m awake and why do I worry about why other people haven’t?

So I’ve made a conscious decision to turn notifications off and in all honesty even making that decision has made me feel a little bit happier with life. I recently turned the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature on on my iPhone so that I don’t receive notifications whilst driving and it honestly feels liberating to not see my screen filling up whilst I’m on the move. I even leave it on whilst I’m a passenger too and actually spend my time communicating face-to-face.

A scary thought I know.

So goodbye notifications, it’s been an emotional ride, but in all honesty I don’t think I’ll miss you that much at all. Instead I will concentrate on real life so much more; the beauty in front of my eyes, the work I really need to do and the faces I want to see.

Are you a slave to your notifications? Or do you prefer to stay AFK?
Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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