Workout Thoughts

When I’m in the gym there are many things that go through my mind. Often I try to think about things that will keep me going such as a holiday on the horizon or my latest fitness icon, or the ultimate reward of no longer feeling unfit, wobbly or sluggish.

But then there are those occasions that as soon as you arrive at the gym you cannot wait to leave and all you can think about is…

…Is it home time yet? This tends to be the Friday night thought, or the bleak mid-Winter thought. There have been a few nights lately that I have turned up to the gym only to find that it is half empty and freezing and all I can think about is how soon after arriving is it acceptable to head home!

…What should I have for tea? This is a thought usually reserved for those days I get my prep all wrong and so far this Winter there have been a few of those! Ever heard the saying ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’? When it comes to fuelling your body this saying is so true and when I get it wrong all I can think about is tea!

…WTF? You see some strange sights in the gym, from the weird and wonderful exercises of the internet being replicated and fashion parades to the one set wonders. I quite often find myself observing the gym floor from my treadmill and thinking what the!

…Burpees are evil! Don’t even think about denying that you have had this thought mid PT session or class. Burpees are the exercise of the devil and there is no getting away from that fact.

…I’ll just do one more set! Sometimes you just well and truly feel in the zone and want to keep going but life gets in the way and you other places to be or people to see meaning that you have to get going. On those occasions you tend to push yourself for ‘just one more set’ and then end up in the pub with your hair in a bun and minimal makeup beacuse you ran out of time to get ready, oops!

…I need a haircut or maybe a hairband? I have been trying to grow my fringe out for years now and somedays I am all for cutting it back in when it gets in my eyes, tickle my nose or tries to choke me mid-deadlift! I know a headband would make more sense but so far I haven’t found one I truly love!

I know that sometime I don’t enjoy the gym and wonder whether all the stress and strain of working out is worthwhile and it tends to be thoughts and internal debates like the above that get me through and keep me sane.

What thoughts run through your head whilst working out? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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