Yoga Changed Me

I’ve always been an analytical kinda gal, the kind who looks for the lines to read between as opposed to taking things at face value and rethinks and replays scenes from life over and over again, trying to find something that isn’t there.

But something has changed.


Over the past twelve months I feel as though I have changed so much as a person, that I have grown, matured and developed as a human being and started to break down the self built barriers that have been holding me back.

Whilst in Greece this year I did a lot of soul searching, I started to wonder what had triggered this metamorphosis within me and I could only identify one thing.


I have longed to be a sleek and slender Yogi for many a year, in fact I was obsessed with the art of Yoga whilst at University (not that I ever took a class or anything, I just read about it a lot) and last year whilst on holiday in Gran Canaria I attended classes every morning.

My cynical side always told me that Yoga sounded too good to be true, that nothing could be that good for you. Could it?

Well in actual fact, yes, yes it can. 

One thing that I have suffered with for a long time is inner torment, something that I have the high school bullies to thank for, and Yoga has definitely helped me to stop feeling as though I am to blame for how I feel and fins some kind of peace not only with my past self, but also with my present and future selves. 

It is only now that I truly feel in control.

As you will know, I have suffered with IBS for many a year now and although I don’t know much about the condition (other than that it is a total bitch), I do know that being a stressed out Suze or nervy Nancy is  just one of the things that is guaranteed to set it off. Now though, whenever I feel myself getting stressed and/ or nervous I close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing instead. It instantly helps me to calm down, regain control and move on. 

When I came home from Gran Canaria last Summer I got up early the next day, slightly sleep deprived and found Cat Meffan on YouTube. Now I try to make sure that I spend 10-15 minutes each day either stretching or meditating, time with my own thoughts and in my own world. 

Yoga has not only changed me physically (I feel stronger, look leaner) but also mentally too, I see everything as a healthy challenge, take each day as it comes and look forward to what life has in store for me more than ever. I look after my body more, knowing that it will return the favour an look after me too in times of need and I do everything with intention.

Yoga has helped me to start to break free of the restrictive cocoon I had built around me over the year and whilst I am still no Yogi, still falling over and still getting things wrong, I am still achieving something new every day.  

Are you a Yogi or a Nobi?

Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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